4 Times Nickelback Proved They're Worst Rock Band Ever
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4 Times Nickelback Proved They're Worst Rock Band Ever

Trigger warning for Nickelback fans

4 Times Nickelback Proved They're Worst Rock Band Ever

Have you ever found yourself driving in your car, turning on the radio to listen to some jams, and all of a sudden, you hear the familiar, nasally chain-smoker voice accompanied by a familiar distorted four-power chord rift? Then, you notice an awful sensation of nausea. Well, that’s not motion sickness my friend;, it’s the terrible plague to the music industry known as Nickelback. Nickelback is a “Modern Rock” band that hails from Canada and has been invading the airspace of innocent music listeners since 1995. The band is so reviled, that scientists have even done studies into why people hate Nickelback so much. Despite their lack of creativity and musical skill, they somehow managed to be one of the top-selling rock bands in the world, much to the dismay of rock fans everywhere. However, there have been some defining moments in recent years that show why Nickelback is in fact, the worst band ever.

A Pickle earned more fans than them in a matter of weeks

Yes, the title is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Although the site is currently frozen (probably due to the tyranny of the Nickelback legal team), some devoted haters of Nickelback created a Facebook page titled, “Can this Pickle get more fans than Nickelback?” The page earned 1,471,001 in less than a month after its creation, beating Nickelback’s 1,420,995 fans.

Their fans booed them off the stage

After Nickelback’s opening song at a concert in Portugal, the band was booed off the stage and attacked by a barrage of rocks. What makes me smile is the fact that these concertgoers bought tickets just to hurl some rocks at Nickelback. I’d like to thank the nation of Portugal personally for doing this service to the world.

A petition was raised to prevent them from playing at a football game

In 2011, Detroit Lions fans weren't too happy when they found out that Nickelback would be playing at the Thanksgiving game halftime show. The petition gained over 55,000 supporters but didn't prevent Nickelback from playing the gig. However, Nickelback didn't get off so easy; Lions fans booed Nickelback off the field after just one song! It just goes to show that Nickelback protesters are far more motivated than their fans.

Chad Kroeger's award

The worst part about this band may just be its front man, Chad Kroeger. In 2008, the Guardian awarded the prestigious “Douchebag of the year Award”. The Guardian states it’s reason for voting Kroeger because he is a “Self-important drunk driver and propagator of the worst music ever. With bad hair."

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