4 Things to Add to Your Small Office Space

4 Things to Add to Your Small Office Space

Say hello to increased creativity and productivity.


Having an office space that not only fosters creativity but that's comfortable is crucial to being productive. We all know that feeling when the afternoon rolls around that we start feeling sluggish.

Our backs start to cramp and our minds begin to wonder onto other things besides our blog or business. To prevent that 3 o'clock slump, here are three things to make your office space a little less dreary, even if it's small.

Vision Board

What exactly is a vision board, you ask? It's similar to a mood board except it's made up of images that provoke how you want to feel, particularity in the future.

But you can also include photos of things that you want to accomplish. That may be a big house on a mountain top, a luxury car or the best shop in town. Pick images that move you and will ultimately help you to remain on course for the things that need to get done throughout the day.

Forget making your vision board on Pinterest. Print out the pictures and place them on a bulletin board that surrounds your computer. Every time you look away from the screen, you'll be reminded of why you're doing what you're doing in the first place.

A Comfy Chair

One thing that prevents me from continually being productive is the type of seating I have. My back begins to cramp where all I can think about is my pain.

That's why picking a chair that's comfortable is vital. Instead of focusing on pain, you'll be able to focus on the tasks at hand.

Opt for chairs with lumbar support. They'll help you sit up straight and keep your spine aligned.

Good Lighting

Sometimes, a desk lamp won't cut it. When you're working well into the late hours, it can be discouraging when you look away from your office space to find the rest of the house pitch black. I don't know about you but when that happens to me, I feel instantly tired.

That's why overhead lighting is best. While this may be an expensive upgrade, consider getting customized lighting or a chandelier instead.

It'll give you light in every corner of your small office while also adding a stylish touch. No longer will your office feel like a desk in a bedroom but a space for creativity and productivity to flourish.


You don't have to consider yourself a "plant lady" to place some greenery around your office. One or two plants will be enough to boost your mood and clear toxins out of the area.

Not only will you be able to breathe better but think better as well.

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I will fight you on this.


As a very passionate English major, I have something to say: the elimination of the Oxford comma is not okay. In case you don't know, by definition, the Oxford comma is the last comma in a list, typically right before the conjunction.

I have grown to love this comma, as it provides the clarity many list-oriented sentences need. There is absolutely no reason to eliminate this comma, and I will continue to defend my point of view for these five reasons.

1. List items are equal

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If the sentence above were to be spoken in real life, the speaker would be attempting to refer to three different entities. Because the first entity includes two people, it appears that the speaker is specifying the who the people in the first entity are. If there was a comma between "Superman" and "and," the fact that the speaker is talking about three entities would be much

2. Differentiates one item from another

US Comma Court Case

The separation powers of the Oxford comma can be make-or-break in lots of sentences containing lists of tasks. Unclear situations can cause all sorts of problems. Just take a look at this court case.

3. It sounds fancy


If your mind doesn't automatically go to beautiful images of England when you hear the word "Oxford," we need to talk. Oxford is fancy, period end of story.

4. Pleasing to look at

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Don't tell me you don't find the Oxford comma aesthetically pleasing. It provides an immense amount of visual organization that is unmatched by any other punctuation.

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3 Ways to Fund Your Business Idea

From idea to reality.


Do you have a great idea for a business? For years you've dreamed of having something to call your own.

Day by day you watched others take the leap of faith and take off with their ideas. You, on the other hand, don't know where to begin.

How do people get their business idea to become a reality? For starters, other than having an idea, they need funding.

Funding is what'll allow you to gain the capital you need to get started. For a few ways on how to get funding for your business, let's take a look.

Here we go!

Get a Bank Loan

Banks these days are willing to stick their necks out for businesses big and small. They often see it as a good investment.

However, it's not as easy as you may think. Aside from traditional loans, you need to convince the bank as to why you need the money. Saying you simply want to start a business won't cut it.

Instead, let them know your idea and how it'll not only help you but your future customers as well. When going into the meeting for your loan, make sure to bring copies of your credit score and annual revenue.

The benefit of getting a bank loan is that you'll be guaranteed the money for a certain amount of years. Not to mention you won't have to give up stake in your company in exchange for the loan.

Try Crowdfunding

Sites like Kickstarter are useful for getting the community behind your idea. It's a good chance to see if your idea will actually take off by the people you're targeting.

Crowdfunding is also beneficial if you don't need the money right away. It can take anywhere from days to months to fund your idea depending on how much you want to raise and how quickly your idea gains interest.

As a return for people funding your idea, if you reach your financial goal, you can offer to send the backers something in return. If you're opening a coffee shop, offer to send them a bag of your finest roast if they pledge $25.

Pitch an Angel Investor

For those who are looking for a more serious way to gain funding, an angel investor may be the way to go. Big-time companies like Uber and Facebook used angel investors to gain traction.

Using an angel investor may have you well on your way to having your idea be featured on Radical Technology Profits by The Money Map Press. Especially if your idea is unique and shows immense promise.

Investors want to get a cut of a business that's proven it can get their money back and be sustainable in the years to come. When it comes to pitching angel investors, be sure to have a solid business plan, a prototype (if possible), and a few customers to show there's interest.

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