4 Things Different In The Midwest Than In The East Coast

Growing up in New York, I was nervous to see how different the culture in the midwest would be. After living here for 3 months, here are the biggest differences I have seen.


Hate to sound like a typical New Yorker, but it’s true. You definitely take for granted how good bagels in New York are until you are eating these weird, smaller, tougher bagels. Maybe it’s a good thing, bad bagels, no freshman 15!

2. Service

When sitting at dinner, waiting 30 minutes to even order, you are often reminded that you are no longer in NYC. Everything here is slow. People are not in a rush to go anywhere; they take their sweet time with everything they do. You WILL be judged by your friends from Michigan when you say, “I was just wondering how much longer everything is going to take?”

3. Driving Etiquette

People are definitely less aggressive in this region of the country. No one really tries to run you over, flip you off, or cut you off. I’ve noticed that Midwesterners are not only less aggressive, but more sympathetic, and not as violent drivers.

4. Interactions

Everyone here Is just so much nicer. Whether you are walking to class, or at a meal, or on public transportation, it is so common for someone to talk to you. Sometimes it’s just a general, “go blue” or maybe someone asks you if you’re a student, or what you’re studying. Everyone seems much happier to talk to each other, again, because the NYC aggression just doesn’t exist here.

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