4 Reasons Why Florida Isn’t As Bad As Everyone Makes It Seem
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4 Reasons Why Florida Isn’t As Bad As Everyone Makes It Seem

Hear me out.

Aerial image of a Florida beach

I grew up in Germany. It's a beautiful country, but when you live there, you get to experience the real German culture. So, when I was twelve, I moved to Florida. And ever since then, all I've heard from people here is how horrible Florida is. I know if we have lived somewhere, we will grow dislikes. However, many Floridians have a lot of hate towards this state. And honestly, other states don't like us very much either. But let me give you some reasons why I would never live anywhere else again. Personally, I love it here, and I just want to remind some of you what Florida has that other states and other countries don't. This post is not here to change your mind on Florida, I just want to share my love for this state and spread some sunshine. Trust me, we have plenty!

1. The weather is insanely... amazing!

Sunshine shining through palm trees


Yes, I know it can get hot. However, compared to many other states and countries, a lot of us have air conditioning. When things get too hot, we can also jump in the pool at any time of the day. And a huge reason why the weather is so amazing is because seasonal depression has a much lower chance in the sunshine state. Seasonal depression is a real thing and having sun all year round is a true privilege. Imagine sitting at home for three to six months out of the year and just seeing rain and clouds. I'd rather be a little sweaty than not see sunlight for months at a time.

2. Floridians attitudes are also amazing.

Girl smiling at a table


Growing up in a big city, I always heard the rude comments people made to each other. I'm not sure if it was just where I grew up, but it seems like people in the Sunshine State truly love sharing their happiness. No matter where you go, you are greeted with a smile and polite gestures. Like I said, the sun makes people happy and appreciative of this life.

3. We literally live where people vacation.

Pathway to a Florida beach


Some people dream of seeing the beach just once in their lives. They work for many years to be able to afford a trip to a beach destination. But we get to be near a beach all year long. Every year, on Christmas day, my family and I drive to the nearest beach and remind ourselves how lucky we are. I grew up in a big city, and the closest I got to the beach was a river in my town. And trust me, it was not the same.

4. There is a tremendous amount of cultures represented in Florida.

Street in Wynwood, Miami


If you step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people, you can learn a lot from their stories. Many people in Florida are from somewhere else and have made it their own paradise here. You go down a street and there are twenty different kinds of restaurants and much more culture behind them. I have met more people with different stories than I could have ever imagined. Every part of Florida has some interesting people living there.

When you've lived in a place your whole life, you may want to experience something different.

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