There are much better uses of your time.

1. You get no all

Most kids out of high school get to sleep in on their first summer as a graduate. You do not. I am up at 7:30 A.M. every morning just to look decent for class. Finally your body is just used to it so you are forced to wake up at 7:30 cause you feel like it's time to drag to school. Not fun.

2. You summer is gone.

Forget having beach days with your friends. Instead, you are stuck in a classroom dreaming of the beach. I am thankful for my classes only running till 11 am. #blessup

3. Summer jobs are way out of the question.

Want to make money? You gotta find out how to work around your schedule. My classes only run till 11, but even then good luck finding somewhere that doesn't want someone with "more flexible hours"

4. Stress is at an all time high.

Not only is a few degrees shy of satan's kitchen outside (shout out to MS for being extremely hot this summer), your stress levels are through the roof. Heat is no help when trying to cope with stress. So, with that being said, relax and try to not overwork yourself.

All of this is true, but don't let it stop you from getting your education. If you are a senior in high school and wanna take summer classes when you graduate, go for it! Just don't overwork yourself on stuff you can't handle. Summer classes are no joke and will drain you completely.