4 Most Underrated TV Characters
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4 Most Underrated TV Characters

Like you, I've become engrossed and invested in fictional lives of TV characters.

4 Most Underrated TV Characters
Netflix Life

It’s 2016, we all know about the gift that is Netflix. Along with that gift comes TV series that pull you in like a vacuum and render you useless until the seasons end. Like you, I’ve become engrossed in my own share of television series found on Netflix. So, in honor of school starting and bringing with it the end of binge-watching until 5 a.m., I have compiled a list of characters from some of my favorite series who I think are severely underrated. (Spoiler alert!)

1. George O’Malley – "Grey’s Anatomy"

If you’ve read my article Shonda Rhimes, "Please Let Grey’s Anatomy Go," then you know how severely the death of George O’Malley affected me. (It’s been years, but I’m not over it yet.) From the first episode, I loved George O’Malley. He was kind, thoughtful and worked hard. He loved his friends and was always there for them, just an overall great guy who got the short end of the stick time and time again. First, there was Meredith. George liked her and she knew and eventually they had a one night fling which ended awkward and filled with tension, but they moved on. Don’t worry "Geredith," we felt your pain too. Next came that weird Izzie Stevens thing. Her character was one of my least favorite on the entire show, but I guess she cared about George, until she had those whole weird territorial BFF thing when George was with Callie, which was terrifying in itself. Finally, as if the poor guy hadn’t been through enough, he faced a tragic death when he was hit by a bus trying to save a stranger from being run over. Honestly, George O’Malley could do no wrong in my eyes and will always be my favorite person in the entire series.

2. Tim Riggins – "Friday Night Lights"

Sure, he gets credit for his good looks and intriguing mysterious personality, but Tim Riggins was so much more than that. Let’s start with one of the later seasons when he literally went to jail for something he didn’t do, so that his brother wouldn’t. If that isn’t heroic, then bye. Tim Riggins served time in prison and took full responsibility so his brother could be with his pregnant wife. There was also Becky who he becomes friends with and reveals a whole new side to Tim Riggins, portraying a non-romantic relationship with a female. Speaking of romantic relationships, Tim might have gotten with Lyla behind his friends back, but he loved her so much that he supported her happiness even if it meant the two of them couldn’t be together.

3. Marvin McFadden “Mouth” – "One Tree Hill"

Mouth is one of the most over-looked characters in "One Tree Hill" in my opinion, but his loyalty to Brooke, Lucas and Jimmy was unmatched. All he wanted to do was hangout with his friends and talk about sports. He was brought into the drama of the other characters time and time again, but remained loyal each time. He even took Brooke on that incredibly romantic date even though he knew her feelings for him didn’t match his own. Finally, his relationship with Millicent gives him some of the credit he deserves and they are happy in the end. However, Mouth goes through a lot to get what he deserves.

4. Nate Archibald – "Gossip Girl"

If you’ve watched "Gossip Girl," then you know the key rule -- don’t trust anyone. Every single character in this series is conniving and out for their own agenda, but Nate stays the most loyal. He’s the only one who never sent a single tip to Gossip Girl and he even forgives his ‘friend’ for moving in on his girlfriend. Granted, he cheated on said girlfriend with her best friend, but of all the characters' lies, gossip blasts and downright during this series, Nate Archibald stays true to himself which is respectable. He has to deal with his convict father, money hungry mother and girl after girl who breaks his heart, but he does so with that Nate Archibald grace that is unmatched.

Every show has that one person who just isn’t quite appreciated enough. These are a few in my opinion, but if you haven’t seen these and read this anyway, then sorry for the spoilers. I hope you’ll check them out and give these guys some special attention.

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