4 Affordable Gifts For A Close Friend

Come a friend's birthday/graduation/insert holiday here time, we've all wracked our brains for appropriate gifts that says, "I treasure our friendship and our time together," in a quirky 'this shows that I know you' way. One of the easiest options is to go online and search for listicles just like this, but no matter how deep of a rabbit hole I dig into or how many tabs are open on my browser, I always run into really generic stuff like pens and notebooks, or pricey things that my meager part-time income can't afford, or stuff that I just KNOW is going to add to the increasing pile of clutter in her closet...

$99?! My wallet is crying.Benefit Cosmetics LLChttps://www.pbteen.com/pro

But gifts such as customized items can carry immense sentimental value as well as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are very affordable. Here are four affordable gifts that don't have to be generic.

Face Pillow


I would absolutely love to receive one of these. They're unique and fun to decorate your sofa or bed with!

Pet Portrait Necklace


Being best friends with someone means being best friends with their fur children.

Wine Necklace


For the classy wine lovers in your life.

Photo Poster


Use pictures from Insta stories, Snapchat, and/or cameras to fill this poster with everything you've done together. Picking out the pics also brings you down memory lane! Perfect for graduation.

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