4 Gender Lies Society Is Telling Us
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4 Gender Lies Society Is Telling Us

The Bulls**t of Today

4 Gender Lies Society Is Telling Us

Boomer babies and millennials alike were born into a society with unwritten rules and standards many grew up to follow. These "rules" were built by the majority; how to blend in with society. Many followed the rules of society, hoping to blend in and make friends or even find love. However, with many that follow there are many who don't. Those who don't follow the standard of society were looked upon as "weird" or "just looking for attention". But are those non-followers really out of the ordinary, or is society just becoming out of date? There are many verbal rules to follow within society, yet some are just not true...

1. Makeup is only for woman

For a while now, men have taken over the stream of YouTube with amazing makeup tutorials that wow the audience. Makeup can be defined as "cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance" (Google). Men and women both have the power to use makeup to enhance/alter their appearance. The only disappointing factor of this new trend is these men can do their makeup better than I.

2. Woman are beautiful if they are skinny

There is an ancient saying that "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". Society seems to think men like a certain type of woman; skinny, wears makeup, long blonde hair, and the thigh gap. However, not only do most women in America not achieve such standards, but men all have different opinions on beauty. In reality, beauty is a standard set in each individual mind, what they perceive as beautiful. Everyone is different, as what they find attractive in a partner.

3. If there is an abusive relationship, the male is the abuser

A relationship today involves two people either casually dating or working toward a common goal of marriage. These relationships can be a man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman. Granted, 1 in 4 woman were or are currently in an abusive relationship. However, this statistic is not based on heterosexual couples, meaning the other woman in a homosexual relationship would have to be the abuser in this statistic. 1 in 7 men are exposed to abuse in a relationship, yet many are overlooked by the idea that "Men are stronger, therefore they just cannot be abused by women".

4. Women need to cover themselves in order for men to learn

Every woman at one point in their high school career has been confronted by the school regarding their hair or clothing. This includes, but is not limited to; short length, hair color, strap thickness, dress length, etc. I personally was never reprimanded for my clothing choice in high school, but knew many who were criticized or even sent home for what they chose to wear. Being a college student, I now have the freedom to wear any kind of clothing and any color in my hair. Funny thing is men go here too. And they still learn! Interesting...

The rules of society are as ancient as history, mending ever so slightly with the changing times. There is no doubt these rules will change in 20, 15, or even 5 years. But unwritten rules should not dictate how we act as humans. We have been given many opportunities to strive in this world, whether you identify as male or female. You have the power to be whoever you want to be!

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