Being known as the "nice girl" is not everything that is cracked out to be. People seem to think that being known as "too nice" means that everyone likes you and that you do not have a bad bone in your body. Now in some ways that may seem like a compliment, but at times it can do more harm than good. Here are 4 assumptions that people mistake about being the nice girl.

1. You're walked all over.

The hard part about being known as a nice person is that people decide that they can take advantage of you; they realize that you do not seem to have a backbone. With that being said, being a "doormat" as some people say means that we have a hard time trusting people... even though we are nicer than others. I have been walked on and taken advantage of; therefore, I do have some scars. Do not think that just because we are nice that you can disrespect us, we are people too.

2. You can't be mean... ever.

Us nice people have our bad days too. Sometimes stress takes over and the smallest things piss us off. The biggest thing that gets on our nerves is when people do not appreciate everything that we do for them. There will be days where we will just get sick and tired of being walked all over and lash out. But of course, on the days where we are aggressive, we are now labeled as a bitch. I am sorry that I am human and have bad days too.

3. You're fake.

I feel like this is the biggest assumption when it comes to being known as nice. People tend to think that those who are nice are fake: fake smile, not really caring about how other people are doing, etc. No. I do care about how your day is going. I do mean the smile that is on my face; being nice is part of who I am so do not think I am "fake".

4. You don't know how to stick up for yourself.

Being nice all of the time and trying to see the best in every situation does mean that it is harder to stick up for yourself. Confrontation is not my forte; I have such a hard time figuring out how to deal with negative scenarios. On the other hand, that does not mean that we are completely blindsided on how to handle things. If someone brings up a problem that they have, I will talk it out; however, if I have an issue that I personally want to be brought up, I have a hard time figuring out the right words to say. Just because I have a harder time with confrontation does not mean that I do not have a backbone.

Being known as the nice girl can be a challenge; however, being nice to people is what makes ME happy. Do not think that nice girls need your pity, we simply just need your thanks and to see you happy.