37 Signs You're Totally Into Him
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37 Signs You're Totally Into Him

Because there's a difference from just really liking him and really falling for him.

37 Signs You're Totally Into Him

Sometimes you're not sure whether you're into him or not, or if you just enjoy his company. We've all been there and we all know exactly how you feel. These are 37 tell-tale signs that scream "I'm into him!"

1. You start worrying how you dress around him.

2. You worry about your hair/makeup.

3. Think you don't smell like an angel? You'll layer on the perfume, girl.

4. Whenever he texts you, you sit there smiling and staring at your phone like an idiot.

5. Whenever you're around him, you get butterflies and it's like your world stops.

6. You stalk his social media just to look at all of his pictures of himself.

7. He's all that is on your mind.

8. His slang language soon becomes your slang language.

9. You're pretty nervous around the guy whether you're shy or not.

10. Whenever he throws a compliment your way, you melt like an ice cube on a hot summer day.

11. Seeing him makes your whole day amazing.

12. His smile makes you smile.

13. You can't stay mad at him for more than a day.

14. Whenever he laughs, it makes you laugh too.

15. If another girl is speaking to him or hanging around, you just want to throw her down a flight of steps, or maybe do something less violent. It depends.

16. He's the last person you think of when you go to sleep, and the first person on your mind when you wake up.

17. That's all you do, talk about him 25/8.

18. Everything you do or think of doing reminds you of him.

19. Even if his jokes suck really bad, all you can do is laugh and smile because you find them funny even when they're bad.

20. He's the only guy you want to talk to.

21. You LOVE his sleepy voice!

22. His hugs are by far the best and warmest.

23. His silly/crazy side is adorable.

24. Whenever you're thinking of him, talking about him, or are with him, you're happy.

25. You are constantly wanting to hang out with him.

26. You can be yourself around him.

27. Whenever you make plans with your friends, you always want to include him.

28. You may have just met him, but he's already a priority.

29. You share everything with him.

30. You can trust him with anything.

31. Spending time with him is your favorite thing to do.

32. You've probably memorized everything about him by now.

33. Whenever you get to see him, you smile a huge smile.

34. When his skin touches yours, it feels like a bolt of electricity just shot through you.

35. He never fails at cheering you up.

36. You love him.

37. And suddenly he's home.

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