1. Stretch when you first wake up in the morning. Rise and shine!

2. Always say please & thank you to the person making your coffee. They woke up before 6 A.M. so that you could, too.

3. Play your favorite song(s) on repeat - they will give you an instant energy boost.

4. Watch the sunrise and sunset as often as you can.

5. Kiss someone every chance you get.

6. Read a chapter or two of your favorite book.

7. Compliment a stranger on their hair, shoes - whatever it is that makes them cool.

8. Play fetch with your dog.

9. Sing in the car, at the top of your lungs, with the windows rolled down.

10. Make lists of things you love.

11. Go for a walk/run when it's warm outside.

12. Watch your favorite movie.

13. Take a shower first thing when you wake up.

14. Take lots of pictures. You will appreciate the memories.

15. Go for long walks after dinner.

16. Watch movies with your friends on a rainy day.

17. Go out to breakfast on a beautiful Sunday morning.

18. Make to-do lists on pretty notepads.

19. Have slumber parties with your best friends.

20. Eat ice cream on a hot summer's day.

21. Plant your favorite flowers in your backyard.

22. Give your room a thorough cleaning.

23. Cook your favorite food.

24. Go for a hike on a trail or in the mountains.

25. Go to the gym after class.

26. Make a habit of going to bed at roughly the same time every night.

27. Write in a journal.

28. Go for long car rides on a nice day.

29. Tell people how you really feel.

30. Get ahead of your schoolwork. You will thank yourself later.

31. Watch your favorite sport on television. If you're lucky, go to a game.

32. FaceTime your best friends at another school.

33. Make music playlists for the gym, parties, et cetera.

34. Watch an episode of your favorite show before bedtime.

35. Create realistic goals for your day-to-day life

And finally...

36. Believe in yourself.