33 Things That Are Still Better Than Toledo
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33 Things That Are Still Better Than Toledo

And Toledo still sucks...

33 Things That Are Still Better Than Toledo
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November means the second greatest college rivalry (after OSU and Michigan) goes head to head, making fun of each other along the way. BG and Toledo have been rivals for years, and the competition gets bigger and bigger each face-off. BG has not had a great football team for a few years, but won't wave the white flag. They will put up a fight.

Win or lose, both schools still have the greatest love for their colors and mascot(s), with a little extra hatred for the other. Being a BGSU student, here are many things, on and off campus, that are still better than TSUN.

1. Burnt cheese

2. Stepping in water with socks on

3. BG wind

4. Finding out there's no milk left after you pour a bowl of cereal

5. Failing an exam

6. Dining halls

7. Getting fired

8. 8:00 a.m. classes

9. 1% battery left on your phone

10. Running

11. Parking Services

12. Missing the bus

13. Paying the $5 cover

14. Ability to walk off campus and not have the constant potential of getting shot

15. Vegetable party platters

16. Fire drills... in the rain

17. MySpace

18. 6-to-9s

19. Tubby's without a bathroom

20. The train at 2:00 a.m.

21. Flip phones

22. Comic Sans

23. Walking to the left of the seal

24. People who talk on the phone in class

25. The cornfields

26. Stale, rubbery Chipotle chips

27. Lot 12

28. SecureBG wifi

29. Getting caught in the rain

30. Drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth

31. Taco Bell line that is out the door

32. Constant construction on I-75

33. Our bars

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