Growing up and having to "#adult" is something each and every one of us dread. There will always come a day when going out every night of the week and 4 a.m. Whataburger runs must come to an end and we find ourselves in bed ready for a night's sleep by 10 p.m. just to wake up at 6 a.m. the next morning for our 8-5 job. No matter how much we wish we could stay in college forever and live life somewhat un-responsibly, it never lasts forever. Soon your in the final semester of your senior year and your job search is well underway as the pressure and stress of finding a job before May increases each and every moment. Here are the thoughts every single one of us have during the job hunting process.

1. Is it too late to become a fifth year? Or...maybe a 6th?

2. Ohhhh this one's in the city!

3. A house is that much to live there?!

4. On second thought who wants to live in the city?

5. but the shopping.....

6. OK, OK, so how do I act like I know how to negotiate benefits?

7. Or pay?

8. How much of a salary am I even worth?

9. Who am I kidding, at this point I'll take anything.

10. Seriously, please just hire me.

11. Does my mom count as a reference?

12. Ugh, all this job hunting is making me hungry.

13. Maybe if I actually had a job I could eat something other than ramen.

14. Or get a dog. I love dogs. *starts searching dog breeds*

15. $800?!? Who spends $800 on a puppy?

16. OK, I would. If I had a job....

17. OK back to it.

18. "Special skills." Does eating the most powdered donuts count?

19. Is it too late to change my major?

20. Ugh, this one has an essay portion.

21. Is it bad to just copy and paste from my last application?

22. Wait...three years of business experience required?

23. How am I supposed to find a job if they all require years of experience?!

24. Whatever, I didn't want that job anyway.

25. Oh, here's a good one....

26. Do they all just collaborate applications because these are the SAME questions.

27. Maybe I could just move in with my parents.

28. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't last a month.

29. But free food though.....

30. Job experience again? I just submitted my resume.

31. Just get it over with.

32. Submit. OK...that wasn't too bad.

33. One is good for today. I need a sandwich.