This past week we celebrated National Girlfriends Day, so in honor of the girls you have by your side, be sure to appreciate all of the weird or really personal questions you ask each other on a regular basis. Our friends are the ones who listen to our ranting and answer pointless questions, so raise a glass to your future bridesmaids and love them all the more for it.

1. Is it bad to have Chipotle two days in a row?

2. Is he cute, or is he just tall?

3. I need a caption. Is this caption clever?

4. So depending on how you did on that test, are we celebrating or drowning our sorrows?

5. I wanna be fun and flirty. Does this outfit give off that vibe?

6. I feel like I should shower. Do you think I need to?

7. What are you wearing tonight?

8. Can I wear that one shirt of yours with the straps and the cool back?

9. Does this look TOO slutty?

10. Do I need sticky boobs with this shirt?

11. ...can I borrow yours?

12. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much of a f**kboi is that guy?

13. For your bachelorette party, are you opposed to strippers?

14. Wanna go to Starbucks?

15. Is this an appropriate reply to the text he just sent me?

16. Is he too old/young for me?

17. When are you gonna be back?

18. Where the heck have you been?!

19. Do you wanna just lay in bed and watch Netflix tonight?

20. Who is that girl that really annoys you? I'm gonna stalk her on Facebook.

21. Truth: Are yoga pants acceptable on a date?

22. Should I get another _____ even though I already have one?

23. No? But it's SO CUTE.

24. Did he just text you? What did he say?!

25. Can you check my mail for me?

26. How often do you have to wash your sheets?

27. Oh my god is it really hot in here? I'm sweating.

28. Have you eaten yet? Please say no.

29. Can we take a break from whatever we are doing at 8pm so we can watch ____?

30. Can we come up with a fun drinking game for this show?

31. Do you think I am an alcoholic?

32. Would you get sick of me if we were Siamese twins?

33. How did we go our entire lives without knowing each other?