1. What happened to Jack?

2. Are Kate and Toby actually going to get married?

3. How did Rebecca end up with Miguel?

4. Is it even fair that Mandy Moore is that pretty?

5. Why is Kevin so stupid?

6. Will Randall eventually forgive Rebecca?

7. What ever happened to Dr. K?

8. Does Kate have a medical condition that makes her overweight, or is it purely her lifestyle choices?

9. Is Kate going to follow through with the stomach surgery?

10. Is Sloane going to forgive Kevin? (Please, please, PLEASE be yes.)

11. Is Randall going to let William distance himself before he dies?

12. Are we going to learn more about William and Jesse?

13. Did Jack ever do ANYTHING wrong?

14. Did Rebecca actually have anxiety like them implied during the episode at the cabin?

15. Seriously, what happened to Jack?

16. Why is Toby so stinkin' funny and sweet?

17. Why does Kate have such a strained relationship with Rebecca?

18. After the Pearsons missed Thanksgiving in the 80s and started their new tradition, did Rebecca ever reconcile with her mother?

19. What happened to Jack's mom?

20. Did Jack's dad ever find out he had grandchildren?

21. Why do pretty b*tches like Olivia think they can be a jerk then walk back in and get exactly what they want? (This is more of a life question than a "This Is Us" question.)

22. How does Kate survive financially after Kevin "fires" her, given that she's only worked as an assistant in like 2 episodes of this show?

23. Were there feelings between Rebecca and Miguel before Jack's death?

24. Where are Miguel's kids? (We know that he has them from the Super Bowl episode.)

25. Which couple is more perfect: Jack and Rebecca or Randall and Beth?

26. What ever happened to Randall's suicidal coworker?

27. What are the odds of having triplets naturally like the Pearsons? (Google answered this one, 1-in-8,000.)

28. Is Toby going to take his health more seriously after his collapse and heart surgery?

29. Did Rebecca ever restart her singing career?

30. Will I ever find someone who loves me as much as Jack loves Rebecca?

31. Can NBC renew a show for eternity?