30 Vines to Brighten Your Day
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30 Vines to Brighten Your Day

Possibly the best 6 seconds of your life.

30 Vines to Brighten Your Day
Sarah Perez

Contrary to popular belief (maybe), Vine was the best thing to happen to the world in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, in January of 2017, Vine was shut down due to a lack of users and seemed to only be used by teens. In these bland times, we need an outlet to laugh at stupid videos and it isn't quite as accessible as it used to be. Here is a list of my thirty favorite vines to hopefully bring some laughs to your day.

1. I Can't Swim

2. He Needs Some Milk

3. Hurricane Tortilla

4. Burnt Chicken Nugget

5. Wow

6. Adam

7. Iridocyclitis

8. 2 Bros Chillin’ in the Hot Tub

9. Freshavacado

10. Noodlehead

11. Hello

12. Mother Trucker Dude

13. It's Wednesday my Dudes

14. Turns Out You're Just Fam

15. Lipstick in My White Valentino Bag

16. Welcome To Chilis

17. Not To Be Racist…

18. Pepsi Bottle, Coca Cola Glass

19. And Read Her Bible

20. OH

21. Walk Awayayayayay

22. Adrian Michael

23. Hi My Name Is Trey

24. Flying Lawnmower

25. Balloon Choir

26. It's Frickin’ Bats

27. Kazoo Boy

28. You are Cookie Monster

29. Cutie in the Car Next to You

30. Hizzuk

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