32 Things To Do At Fairfield Before You Graduate
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Student Life

32 Things To Do At Fairfield Before You Graduate

College goes by too fast.

32 Things To Do At Fairfield Before You Graduate
Erin Rowland

I know I heard it a hundred times before I started college, but these four years are going fast! Now that I will be a junior at Fairfield University, I can hardly believe it. Many times I still feel like a freshman again. I can still look back to the nerves I felt moving in to my freshman dorm, but now it seems crazy that I am now an upperclassmen. Fairfield is an amazing school with so much to offer and it may seem overwhelming at first. However, there are some musts to do before you suddenly find yourself walking across the stage to accept your diploma in your graduation robes.

1. Go early in the morning to Fairfield Beach to watch the sunrise.

2. Sit in the Quad on a blanket with your friends in the warm weather.

3. Attend every day drink, including Point Day, Sham Jam and Oktoberfest.

4. Party on a balcony at one of the beach houses.

5. Leave a townhouse party to get pizza at the Levee.

6. Eat an entire order of mozzarella sticks from Mike's by yourself.

7. Go to late night at The Stag and get way too many curly fries.

8. Arrest one of your friends for Jail N' Bail for a great cause.

9. Go on a sunset drive down Sasco Hill Rd to admire the mansions.

10. Go hard at every themed party, especially 80s.

11. Cheer on your friends at a lacrosse game.

12. Drive in circles around campus blasting music with your friends.

13. Pull an all-nighter in Canisius or the library.

14. Skip class on a rainy day to have a movie marathon.

15. Organize a huge beer olympics for a pregame.

16. Ride the Stag.

17. Run away from an RA at the townhouses.

18. Take a class that really interests you, even if it has nothing to do with your major.

19. Walk back from Anna Liffey's on a Tuesday night.

20. Stay at The Grape until closing.

21. Watch/participate in Powder Puff as a Senior.

22. Go to at least one spring concert.

23. Buy way too much apparel in the Barone Bookstore.

24. Eat at every restaurant in town and get coffee at Donut Inn.

25. Attend Mock Wedding.

26. Go to Penfield Beach and tan on a hot September day.

27. Go to Prez Ball every year.

28. Join a club or intramural sports team, just for fun.

29. Go on a service trip on one of our breaks.

30. Study abroad for a semester, summer session or even a year.

31. Sign a beach house lease with your best friends.

32. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to have fun! College is only one time in your life and then you grow up!

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