These 30 Fall-Related Things Make Us Feel Warm & Cozy Inside

These 30 Fall-Related Things Make Us All Feel Warm & Cozy Inside

It's the best time of the year, y'all

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Fall is the best season, especially if you live in a state like Virginia. There are tons of activities, foods, and events that make this season stand out from the rest.

There are many things about the season that make me feel warm and fuzzy, here are 35 big ones:

1. Candles burning. 

2. Slicing into sweet potato pie. 

3. The smell of a crisp morning. 

4. Fuzzy blankets and cold toes. 

5. Slurping soup. 

6. Crunching leaves. 

7. Pumpkins and mums. 

8. Cardigans. 

9. A nice scarf. 

10. Stirring a deep pot of chili. 

11. Decorating. 

12. Target shopping. 

13. Putting all seasonal mugs on display. 

14. Baking with pumpkin pure. 

15. Fixing a robust cup of coffee. 

16. Front porch sitting. 

17. Sips of apple cider. 

18. Sunday afternoons with football in the background. 

19. The sound of raking leaves. 

20. Discount Halloween candy.

21. Sweatshirts. 

22. Snuggles and sleep eyes on a cold morning. 

23. Fall memories. 

24. Movie nights. 

25. Laughter. 

26. Layers. 

27. A really good cappuccino. 

28. Warm ambiance. 

29. Cafe music. 

30. Reflection. 

Happy it's fall, y'all.

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