3 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day If You're Single

3 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day If You're Single

Enjoy Valentine's even if you are without a significant other.


With Valentine's day coming around the corner, many find themselves single. With the social pressure of doing something for the holiday instead of wallowing in your lack of a relationship, the search is on for fun ways to spend the day. Here are three things you could do as a single 20-something-or-other for Valentine’s day.

1. Movie Night

While this may seem like a cliché or a “couples only” way to spend the night, going to the movies on Valentine’s day is usually worth it. There are always a few sappy romantic “comedies” and movies that come out in early February that are geared around the holiday. Why not phone up a few of your gal pals and have a girl’s night at the theatre. Fifty Shades Darker is the sequel to a raunchy adult novel that was met with mixed reviews. The first film didn’t hold up very well with the fans of the books and the acting was a bit all over the place. Whether you are the fan of the franchise or enjoy seeing movies ironically just to have a good laugh Fifty Shades Darker might be a good choice for any movie goers.

2. Go Out On A “Frate”

To coin a phrase me and my friends use, a Frate, or friend date, is when you and a close friend do all the couple-y date night things without the intimacy of being in a relationship. Going out to dinner, walking around downtown, going to the club if that’s your thing — these are just a few ideas of how you can spend the night. So what if you’re single, you can be single together. Whether you are a guy or girl enjoying the freedom of the single life, treat yourself to a night on the town.

3. Hooters

Now if you’re getting out of a breakup and need a pick me up, Hooters might be the way to go. As advertised on their website, participating Hooters restaurants have a promotion where if you bring a picture of your ex to shred in their shredder, you get free wings. This promotion can turn what is usually a negative into a positive. If you are one who is happy to be out of a relationship than enjoy some delicious victory wings. Even if you aren't of age yet to drink your sorrows away, there is always fun to be had at Hooters.

Never sweat a holiday like Valentine's day. Its a marketer's field day to promote us as consumers to buy more stuff and get cute red and pink themed versions of things we can find any time of the year but now it's for double the price. If you're content with being single then just enjoy yourself. And remember, February 15th, Valentine's candy goes on sale so don't hesitate to eat those feelings.

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