3 Ways To Escape The World Without A Screen This Summer
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3 Ways To Escape The World Without A Screen This Summer

Let's unplug and save the world people.

3 Ways To Escape The World Without A Screen This Summer

Just got to say it. The world has been a major heart breaker lately. Like, first love, teen angst, he likes her instead of me, he just stopped texting back for no reason (No just me? Okay, cool) , Dan killing Uncle Keith (OTH spoiler, but really the show came out in 2003 and some of us had to wait every week to watch it, so calm down Netflix generation), heartbreak. I swear ever morning my soul shrivels a little more as I watch the news. In fact, I want to avoid the news all together at this point. And you may feel the same. If you do, welcome.

We are lucky that we have the technology we have today. Without it, you might not have ever seen this article (who am I kidding though. The only person reading this is probably my mom. Hi Mom.) There are many technological advances that we should be so grateful for, but unfortunately, we are now drowning in screens. Like, if you didn't Snapchat it, tweet it, Facebook post it or Instagram it, did it really happen?

Again, without these platforms, you might have never seen this article (again, hi Mom). With the current media and all the problems of the world, it is hard to live our lives away from the screen. People can be great and they can also totally suck, but maybe the screens are part of the problem. Now, this article isn't political or in any way trying to rock this boat but something has got to give. And until something changes for the better, here are three ways you can escape the world without a screen this summer.

1. Get the heck outside.

Get off your phone and get the heck outside. If you are a runner (you impressive person you. No really, I am not kidding. I can't run a minute without crying), then hit the trails. Grab a bike and go exploring. It's summer time, don't just lounge by the pool while scrolling through your phone. Go perfect your cannon ball (mine is currently about an 8.5 out of 10, not to brag). Think: would my 9-year-old self do this on such a nice summer day?

If you answer yes, go do it. Let's go OG on this summer. If you need to bring the screens with you for safety reasons, do it. But don't use if for anything other than an emergency call, time check or maybe music. Become wilderness explorers (totally wrote that with Russell's voice from UP in my head), build a fort from sticks you find in the woods somewhere (don't judge, I totally did that) or just sit outside and breath in the summer air. Don't think you're above doing what you did as a 9-year-old. Just get outside and have some fun. The world can wait a while.

2. Actually talk to someone.

OMG you can talk to someone face to face? Shocker, I know. Get together with your friends or someone new, put the screens away and talk. Actually get to know the people you surround yourself with, rather than just double tapping on their pictures on Instagram. Talk about things that excite you, things make you sad, things that scare you, things that have happened to you - just talk about anything really. How are we ever going to solve the world's problems if we can't communicate without taping letters on a screen or keyboard?

It is crazy how much you can learn about another person in just one night of talking. It is even crazier what you can learn about yourself. You would think with all of this technology available to us we would be closer as a human race. But it seems we have lost the ability to express our thoughts and emotions without the screens. And sadly, we have lost a bit of each other. Which is one of the most soul-crushing thoughts out there. So escape the craziness and have a good chat.

3. Caffeinate or meditate

Try to set aside 30 minutes every day to just get lost in you own thoughts. This probably sounds like total hippy dippy stuff, but just do it. Find time in your schedule to shut down the screens and just let go. Grab a cup of coffee, (or tea or whatever your vice is) sit outside and just wander through that beautiful brain of yours.

Close your eyes and just think about nothing. If meditation works for you, do that. Find something to do other than mindless screen scrolling and just let go. Don't rest on one thought for too long. Bounce from one thought to another. If you are upset about something, let yourself feel that emotion and then let go.

Wow, I am giving major Elsa vibes (yes, I did just picture myself doing the little hand dance thing she does and unraveling my hair that just somehow falls into a flawless braid) You don't need to hide from your problems but they can wait a bit. You will be more relaxed and more level headed after this time to yourself. It will be way easier to face our world's troubles with a clear head. (Obviously)

Now, I realize that we need these screens in this society to survive, but please consider unplugging every once in a while. If we don't, soon the only people we will know how to actually talk to will be Siri or Alexa and that would be just a horrible conversation (which it already freaks me out that they might soon iRobot us) Let's save our world people.

(I realize this whole article is kind of hypocritical seeing as I will be posting it on social media, but I pinky promise I am going to follow my own advise.)

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