3 Self-Care Habits To Water Your Inner Wallflower
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3 Self-Care Habits To Water Your Inner Wallflower

Because sometimes, we could all take a second to step away from the limelight.

3 Self-Care Habits To Water Your Inner Wallflower

Most of us are familiar with the wallflower trope. This anti-social loner would much rather stay on the sidelines and act as the observer than participate in the social scene surrounding them. While this behavior may ring true to some, this scenario does not effortlessly sum up all wallflowers. Wallflowers can range dramatically, from the indifferent-lone wolf scrutinizing those on the dance floor to the social butterfly who burns out in the first hour of the party.

In other words, there is no concrete definition of the typical wallflower.

Being a wallflower is not a limiting lifestyle that speaks to what someone can and cannot do. Instead, it is an outlet for self-expression that represents our introverted side. A wallflower is not solely exclusive to one specific type of person who happens to check all of the stereotypical boxes. Anyone, regardless of their social comfort level, can learn a thing or two from the wallflowers of the world.

And here are some easy-to-apply habits to do just that.

Shut everything off.


Yes, you read that right. Wallflowers often prioritize carving out some quiet time to recharge. So try turning off your screens to tune into mindfulness. When we are constantly plugged in, it is easy to let our thoughts race mindlessly to the point of no return.

Now let's not get ahead of ourselves; this isn't a tech detox where you sit in solitude for hours on end, watching the birds out your window for entertainment purposes. Practicing mindfulness can be as simple as a 5-minute meditation or taking a brisk walk around your block. This may sound minimal, but some simple peace and quiet, even in small doses, can make a drastic difference when kick-starting your day.

Be comfortable with being alone.


Most of us struggle with feelings of loneliness, which is a paradox considering we live in an increasingly social society. We often want someone there right beside us, even in situations where no one else is needed. For example, inviting a friend to study at the library where the main purpose is to complete work individually. Well, for wallflowers, going out alone is often their outing of choice.

And sure, it's always nice to have that person in your life that you do everything with.

But when push comes to shove, all you have is yourself, so try going solo for a change. Even if that means taking yourself out to dinner and a movie once and a while. It will feel rewarding to know that you can always depend on yourself to show up and have a good time.

Create a playlist for your life.


Instead of staring at raindrops rushing down your window in silence, throw on some Adele to set the mood. Even though wallflowers don't typically hit the dance floor at a party, that doesn't mean they aren't fans of the music pumping in the background. Wallflowers love to daydream as it transports them into another world for the time being. Why not add ambient music to this practice?

Try putting together a personalized playlist on Spotify, Apple music, or even Youtube that serves as a seamless backdrop for whatever life throws at you. This playlist will allow you to sink deeper into your intuitive and emotional side, no matter the scenario.

Anyone can apply these wallflower-inspired habits to their life. I hope these 3 practices will help you slow down and find comfort in all the things that make you a wallflower too.


From a wallflower herself

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