3 Epic Responses To Typical College Boy Texts

If you are a girl in college, chances are you have had a boy text you something you didn't quite know what to say to. Whether it's that typical late night text or something that's just plain eye-roll worthy, you've seen them all. However, no matter what the text, here are 3 epic responses to texts probably in your messages.

1) U up? Response: No, I'm down (insert downward facing arrow)

Note: Beware, this could be taken as you are down for whatever they are about to suggest, so use with caution.

2) Are we chill? Response: Ice cold.

Can you feel the burn sizzling on your screen?

3) Hey, what's up? Response: Hello

(Hopefully he knows his Fetty Wap)

So next time you get one of these texts that you just don't know what to say to, try one of these responses. TRUST ME, they will answer and they'll definitely remember you. Bonus: You and your friends will get a great laugh out of it.

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