3 Emotions You Can Let Consume You Or Fuel You
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3 Emotions You Can Let Consume You Or Fuel You

Our emotions control us

3 Emotions You Can Let Consume You Or Fuel You

Emotion is defined as a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood or relationships with others. We all have expressed and felt an array of emotions throughout our lives at some time or another, whether it be happiness, joy, surprise, wonder, disgust, anger, rage, fear, disgust, anxiety, sorrow, guilt, sadness or distress.

Our emotions change constantly, and each day we can feel many different types of emotions. We use our emotions to express how we feel and sometimes our emotions can effect the way that we think or perceive certain things or situations.

Sometimes, we let our emotions speak and think for us, and we hold onto those certain negative emotions. Long story short -- our emotions control us and you can either let the not-so-great ones consume you, or fuel you for something greater.


Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure aroused by wrong. Think of a time you were angry; do multiple situations came to mind? I know personally I experience anger more often than I would like to admit. You can become angry if someone doesn't treat you right, if things don't work out in your favor or (for guys, and sometimes girls) if your football team loses the game.

Anger can be an emotion that you hold onto and never let go Holding onto anger can effect your personal relationships, your workplace environment and even your own mental well-being. Use anger to fuel you by channeling that negative energy into positive, constructive energy. Focus on learning from what made you angry and use the situation to make you a better person.


Disgust can be described as causing loathing or nausea. You can become disgusted by a certain food, seeing a picture or sometimes when you think of a person. I feel disgust when my mother makes brussels sprouts (sorry mom) or when I think about a certain football team (War Eagle).

Just like with anger, we need to learn to let go of our emotions and learn from them. When feeling disgust towards a certain person or situation you can use your feeling of disgust and turn it into a feeling of empowerment and overcome whatever situation you are in. If you are disgusted with an outcome of a situation, learn from it and say to yourself, I will never let this happen again.


We all know what sadness is, and have experienced it at one time or another in our lives. We may feel sad when saying goodbye to visiting relatives, leaving your pet at home as you go to work or when you begin to think about what is happening to the world (a conversation for another time).

You can let your emotion of sadness fuel you by allowing yourself to really feel that emotion. If you experience sadness often, you can learn from your feelings and get to the root cause of it. Sadness can be used to encourage you to make a change.

Emotions let us feel and express our feelings, but it's important to remember to let go of them and channel that energy into turning a negative situation into a positive one, or even encouraging and motivating you to make a change, not only in yourself but possibly in the world.

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