3 Discussions To Have With Bernie-Or-Bust People Instead Of Calling Them Ridiculous
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3 Discussions To Have With Bernie-Or-Bust People Instead Of Calling Them Ridiculous

Let's be honest, mocking someone for their opinion will never change their mind.

3 Discussions To Have With Bernie-Or-Bust People Instead Of Calling Them Ridiculous

By now, we have all heard the infamous unscripted remarks of Sarah Silverman at the DNC to the Bernie-or-bust crowd. To catch everyone up though just in case, Silverman, while attempting to bide for the time during her introductions at the Democratic National Convention, blatantly told those that are holding out hope to vote for Bernie Sanders no matter the circumstance, “You’re being ridiculous.”

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Now, I am not sure about you, but I find that very few people take well to being called ridiculous for their principles. In fact, telling someone that their behavior is irrational seldom ends well. After hearing Philip Defranco, vlogger and online news host, present his exaggerated example of a better way to talk to your Bernie bros about the possibility of voting for Hillary Clinton, I was inspired to make my own arguments for discussing Clinton to the die-hard Sanders supporters.

1. You are going to split the vote.

While I would hate to tell you to vote not for the candidate you support the most but rather vote against the candidate you like the least, it is important to consider that voting for a third party candidate or voting for Sanders as a write-in would inevitably split the democratic party. This would cause a repeat of the 2000 Bush election in which many young liberals voted for Nader as a third party. Though it is contested whether Nader voters truly pulled away that many votes from Gore or not, this election poses a more threatening alternative if the party were to be split. Many of the former Nader voters are now speaking out to the new group of young liberals to warn them against doing the same. While I understand the importance of standing by your ethics, I feel now is a time to be pragmatic in looking at the election rather than moralistic in making a metaphorical stance with your vote.

2. Clinton and Sanders actually have similar stances.

I know what you're thinking: Sanders is a democratic socialist while Hillary is much more of a moderate Democrat. However, they do share some similar ideas. For instance, both politicians support raising taxes on the upper tax brackets. Both support changes to the higher education system. The differences come up to the extent they would like to implement these changes. While Clinton supports free 2-year community college and free in-state tuition at four-year public schools by 2021, Sanders promises to push for free tuition at state schools by imposing a Wall Street tax. I understand that Clinton’s policies are not the abrupt changes and revolution you are seeking out, but at their base, they are similar ideas that you sought out so strongly in Sanders’ campaign.

3. Clinton could be a step towards the revolution you wish to see.

One thing you may see as a negative to Clinton is her moderation, but that same moderation you are frustrated with seeing in candidates may help to make gradual changes that could lead, in time, to the type of policies Sanders has proposed. Take for instance their stances on health care. Sanders would attempt to implement a single-payer system. However, if we look at the backlash to health care reform by President Obama, you might see how difficult the task of convincing both moderate democrats and conservatives to support a single-payer system would be. Clinton, in contrast, is looking to expand current health care availability through federal programs as well as allow the government to cap drug prices to combat large pharmaceutical companies. These are excellent steps towards better healthcare for all Americans, a step towards an equal right to health, the ultimate goal of a universal health care system. Similarly, Clinton’s policies on higher education can be seen as a stepping stone, a stepping stone easier to jump to in the House and Senate than Sanders more radical policies. I understand seeing these changes is important, but I believe the best way to see them is to take baby steps the American public is more comfortable seeing.

Overall, we are all members of the Democratic party. Whom you choose to vote for is your choice, but expressing your opinion by calling someone else's “ridiculous” is impolite in itself. Feel free to use one of the above arguments to start a thoughtful discussion over a refusal of their opinions or flat out calling them "ridiculous."

Note: I am not saying that if you are a Sanders supporter, you must be convinced by these discussions on voting for Clinton. Nor am I saying that Clinton supporters are absolutely correct. What I am saying is to have a civil discourse with one another and make informed decisions at the polls no matter what candidate you support.
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