29 Things To Know About Maryland
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29 Things To Know About Maryland

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29 Things To Know About Maryland
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From old bay on everything to crabs, the Redskins to the Ravens and the love of our state flag. Whether you have been living here all your life, just a couple years or just moved there are some things that everyone should know about the state of Maryland.

1. We love everything crab

Whether it's crab legs, soft shell crab, crab cakes, etc. Anyone from Maryland loves crab and thinks no one makes them as well as Maryland does!

2. We also love to use Old Bay on everything

One thing everyone in Maryland can understand is our love for Old Bay, Marylanders love old bay on crabs, fries, chips anything!

3. Half of the people you know are Redskins fans

More often than not people in Maryland can tend to be Ravens and Redskins fans but we still have people that support the other teams.

4. The other half are Ravens fans

With there being two main favorite teams in Maryland, "Battle of the Beltway" games are a big hit with Marylanders.

5. We have the most bipolar weather

From one day being extremely hot, to the next day being extremely cold or even snow at the end of March; Maryland's weather can never seem to make up its mind.

6. We LOVE our state flag

It is well known to all states that Maryland loves their flag, because it is clearly the best!

7. We love the Baltimore Orioles

Camden Yards and the O's playing baseball. How much better can it get?

8. And even the Washington Nationals

Just like the Ravens and Redskins, Maryland residents can be either Nationals or O's fans.

9. The Baltimore Harbor can be a popular stop for Marylanders

From aquariums to museums, cruises to tours and nightlife make for a great combination at the harbor!

10. We typically always go to Ocean City

Whether we are there for the weekend, a day trip or Senior Week, Ocean City is an extremely popular stop for people in Maryland.

11. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a legendary landmark

Although the bay bridge can seem scary, especially when driving over it, there is one thing that we usually instantly think of and that is the beach!

12. We love the musical Hairspray

A musical many people in Maryland know and love is Hairspray, which was filmed in Baltimore!

13. Ledo's Pizza is the best

The best square pizza around that is!

14. We know where people lived based on county

"Where are you from?"

"Frederick County"

15. We love Natty Boh

National Bohemian Beer or "Natty Boh" as people in Maryland like to call it. Is a classic beer that Baltimore is known for and that everyone in Maryland knows about and loves.

16. We love the Navy

Annapolis is home to the United States Naval Academy. Therefore, we are instant supporters of the Navy.

17. We have many historic towns

Maryland has a lot of history and historic towns including Baltimore, Frederick and Annapolis.

18. And we are also extremely close to major cities

One of the perks of living in Maryland is being close to major cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City.

19. We have a variety of things to do

When living in Maryland you have many options of things to do whether it'd be going to the mountains, the beach, the city or staying in a more rural area. All of these options are in close driving distances.

20. We have a beach that horses live on

Maryland is home to Assateague Island which is not only a gorgeous beach but is home to horses running around in the open.

21. We have an amazing aquarium

This was a popular place for field trips in school or even just a fun day trip to see aquatic life or even a fun dolphin show.

22. The National Anthem basically belongs to us

Not only was Francis Scott Key from Maryland who wrote the National Anthem. Everyone in Maryland knows that when it comes to national anthem the "O" is so important to us.

23. We love our Terps

Even if we don't attend the University of Maryland everyone knows and loves their wonderful mascot Testudo the Terp.

24. We absolutely love Cal Ripken Jr.

Everyone has at least heard of the famous Cal Ripken Jr. who played baseball for the O's for 21 seasons.

25. We go to the grocery store as soon as a snow storm is coming

As soon as we hear the words "snow storm", families run out to go and stock up on groceries. When sometimes the snow storm might not be that bad.

26. Thrasher's Fries is a hit in Maryland

A popular Ocean City boardwalk crave, Thrasher's is a go to while in Ocean City.

27. We have a fake Disney World

Being in the car when we were kids and seeing this building we thought it was Disney World, when come to find out it was just a Mormon Temple the whole time.

28. We love Dumser's Ice Cream

Another Ocean City crave and go to place is Dumser's Ice Cream, you can honestly never go wrong with Dumser's.

29. No matter what we will always love our state

Yeah, we might say we don't want to stay in Maryland forever, but we know Maryland will always be where we consider home and will always have a special place in our heart.

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