The bond between best friends is like nothing else in the entire world. Those phone calls at 2 A.M. when you call them about a boy problem, and they're there to relax you, and make you realize your worth. Those spontaneous adventures to get ice cream at your favorite parlor on a hot summer day. Those car drives where you can't stop laughing and jamming out to throwback Justin Bieber songs. Best friends make you feel like you're not so alone because you can always count on them. I'm so grateful that I've found a group of friends that love me exactly the way that I am. They have been there with me through it all and I love and appreciate them more than anything. Here are 30 ways you know that they're your best friends.

  1. they make you laugh until your stomach hurts
  2. they have countless inside jokes with you
  3. they always laugh at your jokes, and you laugh at theirs
  4. they know you better than you know yourself
  5. they just get you
  6. they give you advice for your best interest
  7. they know exactly what to say to you when you’re upset
  8. they are trustworthy
  9. they let you vent to them for as long as you need to
  10. they are there for you during both your best, and worst moments
  11. they go on spontaneous adventures with you
  12. they could be doing absolutely nothing with you, you still have the best time with them
  13. they can party with you one night, then another night just chill and watch movies with you
  14. they act like really immature 12 year olds with you because acting like an adult is lame
  15. they take cute pictures of you when they think you look good (without you asking)
  16. they love the same music as you
  17. they sing along to the radio with you in the car
  18. they always defend you
  19. they are proud of you
  20. they want to see you succeed
  21. they make you feel good about yourself
  22. they aren’t judgmental
  23. they encourage your passions
  24. they may get in fights with you, but you can never stay mad at each other
  25. they are close with your parents and siblings (they're practically a part of your family, and you're a part of theirs)
  26. they basically live at your house
  27. they miss you when you’re not together
  28. they text you just to tell you that they love you and how important they are to you
  29. they FaceTime you for hours
  30. they talk about their dreams and deepest thoughts with you