27 Waco Restaurants You Need to Visit
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27 Waco Restaurants You Need to Visit

Switch up your routine and try these dives!

27 Waco Restaurants You Need to Visit

Take a day off from Chipotle and McAlister’s and try something new! Waco is full of charming, locally-owned restaurants. 

Whether you’re a new freshman unfamiliar with the town or a returning student looking to experience new and different restaurants in Waco, stop by and give these local eateries a try. 


  • Cupp’s (1424 Speight Ave. at Speight and 14th. Just be sure to go before they close at 3:30!) 
  • Dave’s Burger Barn (600 N. Patricia St. 20% off with college ID on Tuesdays!)
  • Captain Billy Whizzbang’s (901 Lake Air Dr., at Valley Mills and Lake Air) 
  • Health Camp (2601 Circle Road, on the “Circle of Death.” Be sure to order one of their milkshakes!) 
  • Dubl-R Burgers (1810 Herring Ave.)    

  • Shorty’s Pizza Shack (1712 S. 12th St. This is a favorite of Baylor students, and it’s conveniently located right off campus at 12th and Bagby) 
  • Poppa Rollo’s (703 N. Valley Mills Dr.) 
  • Baris (904 N. Valley Mills Dr. The only bad thing about this place is the tiny parking lot!)  

  • George’s (1925 Speight Ave. I recommend the chicken tenders.) 
  • Elite Café (2132 S. Valley Mills Dr., on the “Circle of Death.”) 
  • Cricket’s Grill & Draft House (221 Mary Ave. Cricket’s is a sports bar downtown with pool tables, shuffleboard and more.) 
  • Jake’s Texas Tea Room (613 Austin Ave. in downtown Waco. Jake’s is a fun vintage-style restaurant with Southern food and live entertainment.)  

  • Teriyaki Park (220 S. 2nd St. near Wild West.)
  • Wako Roll (2804 W Loop 340 in the Central Texas Marketplace.) 
  • Clay Pot (920 S. Jack Kulgen Expy. Right next to campus!)

  • What About Cupcakes (108 N. 25th St., at Washington Ave. and 25th. How can you say no to the cutest cupcake shop in Waco?)
  • Olive Branch (215 S. 2nd St., underneath Spice Village. With sandwiches, salads, soups and an excellent variety of cookies and cupcakes, Olive Branch is always on point.) 
  • Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shoppe (105 S. 5th St. in downtown Waco or 1412 N. Valley Mills Dr.)
  • Food for Thought (1121 Speight Ave. at 12th St. and Speight Ave. They have sandwiches, pizza, smoothies and more!) 
  • Lula Jane’s (406 Elm St. This place specializes in breakfast, desserts and comfort food. They close at 3 p.m.!)
  • Café Cappuccino (100 N. 6th St or 4700 Bosque Blvd. Café Cap is the perfect lunch/brunch spot! Just go before they close at 2 p.m.)

  • Taqueria Zacatecas or “Taco Z” (2311 La Salle Ave.)
  • La Fiesta (3815 Franklin Ave., at Franklin and Valley Mills.) 
  • Tres (723 S. 6th St., behind Sonic. They also have salsa dancing upstairs on Saturday nights, if anyone is into that.)    

  • Dichotomy (508 Austin Ave. in downtown Waco. Even though it’s pretty new, this coffee shop is already world-famous…seriously.) 
  • DiamondBack’s Steakhouse (217 Mary Ave., by Ninfa’s.) 
  • Vitek’s BBQ (1600 Speight Ave., at Speight and 16th St.) 
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