27 Friends GIFs That Describe The First Semester Of College

27 Friends GIFs That Describe The First Semester Of College

Cue the theme song...

The first quarter (or semester for the majority of you) is almost over! With this being my first year, I thought I'd describe what me and my friends are discovering during our first year of college.

Here's 25 'Friends' GIFs that describe the first semester of college:

1. Moving in is harder than you expect.

You either bring more than you can fit, not enough, or your room doesn't turn out anything like you had planned in your head

2. You either get homesick or you don't.

Some people don't really get homesick, and that's ok- they probably just miss the people, but not the place. Others get homesick right away- and that's ok also.

3. Living with someone else can be a little weird.

You either got to pick them, request them, or it was a complete surprise. Either way, sharing a small space can be a little weird and you learn a lot about them.

4. Making new friends can be hard.

Especially for us out-of-state people. We most likely don't know anyone there, so be friendly and help us out

5. If you're out-of-state, learning your way around a new place.

You literally know you will get lost even with GPS and it's better to take a local with you

6. Also not having a car.

It sucks and you'll probably have to learn to take public transportation

7. Also not getting to do laundry at home.

It's expensive to do laundry, and there will always be that one person who has never done laundry in their life.

8. Also not getting to go home on the weekends.

Which is exactly the reason you're doing laundry at school and can't get things you forgot and bring the extra stuff back that you didn't need

9. Also getting used to a new environment

It's usually the complete opposite of where you used to live

10. Trying to take advantage of all things FREE.

Free food- we're there. Free samples of anything- we'll take it. Free money- thanks!

11. Handling a different workload.

Some people have more homework, some have less. Learning to deal with that is important for success

12. Learning about new cultures.

Different states have different cultures. You'll meet international students. Learn the culture and embrace it! You're bound love something about it.

13. Actually having to get a job.

Mom and dad are paying for college, so you have to pay for everything else. Good luck!

14. Everyone gets sick at the same time.

Literally, not joking. Everyone. At. The. Same. Time.

15. Going out and doing things are important.

Staying in all the time and never going to any of the cool places around your area will eventually drive you insane.

16. Being responsible with your time.

You can sleep in and skip class, or go and make sure you learn something and sleep after.

17. Sharing a floor with like 30 other people.

Dorm halls are interesting and put you in a small are with around 20-30 other people. You will share a bathroom, a kitchen, and probably clothes at some point. But, you will bond.

18. Cooking is all up to you.

No more home-cooked meals made by mom or dad. If you want to cook, it's up to you. That, or you use your meal plan and go to the dining hall.

19. Handling your own money.

You can't blow it all like you used to. You have to save it for plane tickets, an uber, food, materials for school projects, etc.

20. Wanting to sleep all the time or not at all.

Sleeping seems to always be of the upmost importance or you try to see how long you can go without it

21. Having no idea what classes to register for next semester.

Let's face it- most of us are usually clueless. Thanks, advisors!

22. Adding a bunch of new people on social media

You will meet a bunch of people, you will add them on every social media account you own, and yes -- you can deny their friend request.

23. Learning to keep a small space clean.

You could've been one of the messiest people ever, but now the site of everything on the floor disgusts you

24. Realizing plane tickets are expensive AF and you may not be home for Thanksgiving.

It'll happen at least once during your 4 years in college for us out-of-state kids.

25. Relationships either are or aren't a thing.

People are either breaking up, starting to date, are just hooking up, don't want to date, or came to college in a relationship.

26. Meeting people with the same interests as you.

It feels like the coolest thing to meet people with the same interests- no matter how weird, unknown, or popular they are.

27. Midterms and finals suck more than they did in high school.

But you survive. Just make sure to study

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Dance Marathon Helped Me Understand What It Is That I Stand For

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Spoiler Alert! I did it.

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