26 Unexpected Perks Of Having A Boyfriend
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26 Unexpected Perks Of Having A Boyfriend

It's not always about the romance.

26 Unexpected Perks Of Having A Boyfriend
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I'm pretty sure everyone would agree that there are many perks to having a significant other, such as love, caring, blah, blah, blah. But as I enter my first long-term relationship, I am realizing that there are a lot more perks than what I always hear about. So, here are just some of the unexpected perks that come with having a boyfriend.

1. I have a whole second wardrobe of clothes.

They're so much comfier than mine.

2. I also have a whole second house with a second fridge and a second pantry full of food.

You have dill pickle chips?! We never get those at my house!

3. And a second (set of) dog(s).

Your dog definitely loves me more than she loves you.

4. I always have someone to pop my back for me.

And it's free.

5. I always have someone to make fun of.

But it's even, because you make fun of me, too. Freak.

6. I always have someone to share inside jokes with.

A rose. Hahahahaha. Oh, sorry, you had to be there.

7. I learn a lot about sports.

You should have never introduced me to Cam Newton if you didn't want him to be bae.

7. I always have someone to show funny videos and pictures to.

And you react in the exact way I expect you to.

8. I always have someone to eat with.

If I get this, will you share it with me?

9. I always have someone to tell secrets to.

Even if their not my own, and I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. Oops…

10. I never have to be cold again.

There are no personal bubbles between us.

11. I always have someone to sing duets with.

I really can't stay–but, baby, it's cold outside.

12. I always have someone to hate the same things I hate.

Which is basically everyone but us.

13. I always have someone to listen to my complaints.

And agree with me about my first-world problems.

14. I always have someone to tell me I don’t suck.

The only time you're not calling me a loser. And the only time you're being serious.

15. I always have someone to play games with.

And I even let you win sometimes.

16. I always have someone who will vouch for me.

Even when I'm wrong. Which is a lot.

17. I always have someone to laugh at my jokes.

So I don’t have to laugh at them myself. Like I always do.

18. I always have someone to be dorky with.

But in a cool way.

19. I always have someone to be there when I fall.

And laugh at me while they wait for me to get up.

20. I always have someone to dab—I mean dance—with.

Any song. Anywhere.

21. I always have someone to share in my bad habits with.

Soda before bed? Don't mind if we do.

22. I always have someone to watch scary movies with.

You: *Gets up to go to the bathroom*

Me: Where are you going? Don't leave me!

23. I always have someone to play Family Feud with.

And we always win.

24. I always have someone to share stuff with/steal stuff from.

What do you mean your water bottle? It's our water bottle.

25. I always have someone that knows me better than anyone else.

And I get to know you in the same way.

26. I always have a best friend.

You are the Jim to my Pam. I love you!

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