All aboard the Hot Mess Express! For anyone who is never on time, always running late, coffee in one hand and phone in the other, you’ll understand this list. Even when you try to organize your life it somehow still manages to spin out of control. You’ve just learned to go with the flow and have accepted the fact you are never going to be ahead of the game. But hey, that’s life.

  1. Snoozing your alarm until the last possible second is a daily routine.
  2. Your hair is in the same bun from last night because you woke up late.
  3. Let’s be realistic, you’re probably still in the same makeup from last night.
  4. You can’t be bothered with looking all dressed up.
  5. And you dread the days when you actually have to look nice.
  6. You probably haven’t done laundry in close to a month and you’re wearing the pair of sweatpants you’ve had since middle school because that is all that is clean.
  7. You’ve had to brush your teeth in the shower, while peeing, or while getting dressed more than once.
  8. You never realize your clothes have holes or stains until it’s too late.
  9. If you have to be at work at 4 you are running into the door at exactly 4 with a coat, your phone, your phone charger, and a coffee in your hand.
  10. You’ve probably finished getting ready in a car more than once.
  11. If you ever get stranded in a car somewhere you hope it’s your car because you have 20 half drank water bottles on your floor.
  12. None of your school work is ever in the right folder, but hey, at least you try to take notes.
  13. You have the three-minute shower down to a science.
  14. You are a strong believer in the “sniff test” when it comes to your clothing.
  15. You are never on time for anything ever.
  16. You live out of your purse because your whole life is in there. You never know what you might forget when you go somewhere, so you always have a travel size one ready.
  17. What is matching clothing? Does that really exist?
  18. Your blood is 95% coffee.
  19. “Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow” is your life motto.
  20. “Has anyone seen my other shoe?!”
  21. You swear that some of your stuff has grown legs and just walked off, because you lose everything all the time.
  22. You constantly forget to eat so a lot of the time you’re eating in your car on the way somewhere, and the trash on your floor proves it.
  23. “Shit, I didn’t realize my gas light was on.”
  24. The speed limit is just a suggestion since you’re always running late.
  25. You forgot what your bedroom floor looks like because your room is probably a mess, just like your life.