25 Types Of People You'll Encounter In A Group Message

"Who is texting you?"

"No one, I'm in a group text."

Once you become a part of a group text, you cannot turn back. Every group has their dysfunctions from time to time- some more than others- but despite this, you still love the group no matter how crazy it gets. No matter the group, there are always the same types of people in every group.

1. The early riser.

It could be Saturday and while the rest of the group is in bed still recovering from last night except this person. They are up at 7 am sharp texting the group to make sure everyone knows they are up.

2. The late one.

This person is always behind- like 50 texts behind. All the information is there for them to catch up on but they still ask "guys what's the plan?" despite the information all being there.

3. The ghost.

Rarely will this person say anything in the chat, but they still know everything that is going on. They just prefer to sit back and let everyone do the talking.

4. The 1-on-1 texter.

Reading the texts that are just between two people make you feel as if you are eavesdropping on a conversation, but you can't give them privacy because it is in the group...

5. The odd one out.

Everyone but this person questions why they are in the group. They occasionally say things, but nobody really responds to what they say. awkward...

6. The off topic texter.

THis is the person who brings up their latest golf ventures in the middle of everyone trying to plan a get together which then causes the entire conversation to be led astray.

7. The foodie.

They are always the one to ask "Hey who wants to get food?" or "When is dinner?" and it is never just once a day.

8. The sass master.

This is the person you do not sass. Their sass will always be superior and you will not only lose the sass match but part of your pride as well.

9. The talker.

Without this person, conversations would most likely stop after one or two replies.

10. The emoji user.

Their texts have slowly evolved to have more emojis than words.

11. The screamer.

Whether this person is overly excited or angry, you best believe that no matter the emotion behind the words, their caps lock is always on.

12. The over-enthusiastic texter.

No matter the topic, expect a response from this person to contain only exclamation points. Their enthusiasm somehow gives you hope though.

13. The master of memes.

This is the person who, no matter the situation, manages to find a meme or a gif for everything. It is honestly a gift because they are basically fluent in another language.

14. The roaster.

If you say something stupid or do anything stupid, expect this person to chime in on what ever it is you did. Even after the conversation ends, expect it to come up every now and then in conversation with this person.

15. The incomplete message sender.

This person sends a series of numerous texts with few words instead of taking the time to write a single text with a sentence or two. On the bright side, the multiple notifications make it look like multiple people are texting you.

16. The novelist.

Every text is the length of a book that could easily have been a significantly shorter text, but that wouldn't be as fun.

17. The one who is a detective.

This person is always stalking someone on one of the major social medias. If you want to know anything about anyone, this is your go to person.

18. The jokester.

This person is always trying to be funny- sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, either way, the jokes will go on.

19. The one who only chimes in on occasion.

They aren't the type of person to always be responsive in the group, but when they do, whatever they say is fire.

20. The one who gets off topic.

This is the person who manages to create a domino effect of off topic-ness. Everyone is trying to plan a dinner outing until this person chimes in with the latest Donald Trump scandal, meaning all hope on the plans are lost.

21. The group mom.

This person is the definition of the "cool mom." They are your biggest fan until you do something stupid- that is when they go full out disappointed mom on you.

22. The one who thrives off gossip.

This person is the real life Gretchen Weiners. They thrive off knowing everything about everyone.

23. The grammar Nazi.

You better not confuse your "their", "there" and "they're" with this person around because when you do, you will feel their wrath.

24. The drunk texter.

They text in the group regularly, but from Thursday night into Sunday morning, a number of texts they send in the group is at a weekly high and it is not uncommon for them to contain typos and exclamation points.

25. The queen of organization.

This is by far the most important person to have in any group. They are always able to make plans out of all the nonsense that gets thrown into the group message. Without them, the group would probably burn down the city within the hour.

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