25 Struggles Only Plus-Size Women Can Relate To
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25 Struggles Only Plus-Size Women Can Relate To

You are deserving of happiness no matter what your size.

25 Struggles Only Plus-Size Women Can Relate To

In today's society "plus size" is synonymous with unhealthy, gross, unworthy, and ugly. Girls are told to love their bodies, and in the same sentence told they could "stand to drop a few pounds." Being plus size my entire life, I've heard it all: "Don't eat this; don't wear that." I don't think I've ever in my life worn anything smaller than a size large. My thighs have always touched; my belly has always been round, and I've always had a double chin. After years of being told that I was too fat or that I wasn't good enough, I'm beginning to accept the fact that I always have been, and probably always will be, rounder around the edges. I'll never be a size zero, nor do I want to be. I'm slowly learning to love my wide hips, my thunder thighs, and even my double chin! It's tough enough to be a woman in the 21st century, and being a plus sized woman comes with a whole new set of obstacles. Here are just a few of the everyday struggles us bigger girls deal with.

1. Being told that your stomach/legs/arms are too big to wear that kind of shirt/pants/dress.

2. Seeing something super cute in the store then finding out they don't carry it in plus sizes.

3. Only being able to shop at certain stores.

Not every store carries plus sizes!

4. Chub Rub.

5. Having to pay extra for bigger sizes.

6. People assuming that you're unhealthy/don't exercise.

7. Finding clothes that fit you right, are affordable, and fashionable.

8. Finding a decent swimsuit for less than like $100.

9. Shopping with your non-plus size friends.

Well, this store doesn't carry plus size, so I'll just wait here.

10. When "plus size" models are just women with slightly larger butts and breasts than what is socially acceptable.

News alert, the average plus size woman also has a big belly, thighs, and hips!

11. All the stereotypes and misconceptions that come along with being a plus size woman.

Yes, I exercise. No, I don't only eat junk food.

12. Trying to love and accept your curves, lumps, and bumps when the world is constantly telling you to change.

13. Sizes are never consistent across stores.

Okay, so, I wear a 1X at this store, but a 3X at that store. *screams internally*

14. The lack of cute, affordable, well-made active wear.

I'd like to wear something other than plain black tights and a t-shirt to the gym!

15. Having to do most of your shopping online.

A LOT of places don't carry plus sizes in store! But if they do, there's only about four different tops and two pairs of jeans.

16. And having to guess what size you'd wear at that particular store.

Then having to send it back when it doesn't fit right.

17. Shorts are the absolute worst.

They always end up riding up, which inevitably leads to chaffing between your thighs.

18. People constantly giving their opinions on how you can "improve your health."

Unless you're my doctor and have done a complete evaluation of my physical health, I don't wanna hear it.

19. "You're not fat! You're beautiful!"

Yea, I know. I said I was fat, not ugly.

20. When you eat in public you feel like people are constantly judging you.

21. Everyone assuming that you're trying/want to lose weight.

22. People telling you you'll just have to settle when it comes to finding love.

Just because I'm plus size doesn't mean I don't have self-respect and standards.

23. Jeans never last longer than a few months.

24. Backhanded compliments.

"You're pretty, for a fat girl." "You'd be so beautiful if you'd drop a few pounds."

25. Finally deciding that your body of perfect the way it is and learning to love every stretch mark, curve, and lump.

Being plus size does not make you less of a woman, or a person. Being plus size simply means you have a little extra cushion! Plus size women are strong, smart, fierce, funny, active, and a million other things! It's time we end the negative stereotypes associated with being plus sized and begin to accept the fact that each individual woman's body is different from everyone else's, and that every woman's body is beautiful. Whether you're a size 2 or a size 22, love your body, if not for the way it looks, then for all the amazing things it is capable of! You are deserving of happiness not matter what your size!

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