25 Sokka GIFs College Students Can Relate To

25 Sokka GIFs College Students Can Relate To

The relatable character from "Avatar: The Last Airbender."


If you watched Nickelodeon during the early 2000s, you have probably heard of the hit series "Avatar: The Last Airbender." This was a hit because of the amazing story plots, incredible action and of course the complex/relatable characters. For a kid's TV show, this series pulled off a lot, including a hilarious character named Sokka.

For those who don't know my friend Sokka, he and his sister Katara found the missing Avatar Aang in an iceberg and the adventure takes off from there. Sokka, unlike his sister, Aang and the majority of the characters, cannot bend an element (water, earth, fire, or air). What Sokka doesn't lack during the show is his comedic charisma and every fan adores it.

Not only is he hilarious, he is also very relatable, so here are some GIFs to get you through those finals week blues:

1. When your friend is being too loud:

This scene could take many interpretations: when you are trying to tell a story and one friend keeps interrupting or when you are watching your favorite TV show or movie and your friend keeps talking during all the good parts.

2. When you've got your sass pants on:

We all have those moments where everything uneventful just deserves a sarcastic comment. Whether you are the one dishing the sass or receiving it, you can't help but look back and think the comment was funny/clever.

3. When you're at Edmon Low 24/7:

Whether you are the typical book nerd or are in dire need of cramming for that final exam, many people can relate to spending most of their time at the library when in college.

4. When you fight with inanimate objects:

Don't lie, you do it too. You fall over a chair or stub your toes into a table; inanimate objects just became your worst enemy.

5. When you've absolutely lost it:

We're in college, our minds can't handle all this stress so once in awhile we are going to lose it. OK maybe every night, but the point is to just embrace it, maybe write down your funniest quotes and you can create a hilarious character like Sokka one day.

6. When you experience spring fever:

The last thing college students want to do is stay cooped up in a building all day studying. I think we all dramatize our affection for the warm weather, any chance we can get.

7. When you epically fail:

When you're out with friends and you could be acting totally normal (or maybe you're trying to show off), then something goes wrong and you face-plant right in front of them. But maybe they didn't notice.

8. When you can't hide the fangirl within:

Whatever celeb you're crushing on, or even a peer that is just freaking awesome, you can't help but unleash your excitement.

9. When you're feeling yourself:

We all have those moments where your squad is just so epic, you have to make your exit just as epic. You make sure everyone in the room will remember your squad. You may even throw in a mic drop.

10. When you're at your favorite store:

Whether you are a shopaholic or just the person who holds all the bags, you have to admit there is that one store that gets you squealing every time you walk in.

11. When you're trying to flirt:

Sometimes when you're talking to that special someone, the words just don't come out right. But don't worry playa, try your hardest and maybe he or she will understand that "doing an activity together" means a "date."

12. When you accidentally get walked in on:

Let's admit it, friends don't knock. But sometimes you need that alone time to relieve your social stress and just be true to your deepest weird self. It's OK, they'll understand, it just might be shocking at first.

13. When you realize you haven't eaten all day because of studying:

I don't think I have to explain this one, but sometimes studying comes before food. It's even possible to forget you're hungry when under stress. Therefore, that midnight binge session becomes routine, especially during finals week.

14. When you're the parent of the group:

I mean every group has one. Actually, every group needs one. In college, we usually don't have parental guidance like we had in high school, so one of our friends naturally falls into that role. At one point or another, you or a friend's antics got out of hand and you or they were sent to their room. It can be quite hilarious, but much needed.

15. When you're feeling fancy:

We all have those nights where we ditch the leggings and sweatpants, put on some grownup
pants, and decide to act more humanly. We have been out of touch with the adult world for a while, but it's still fun to act like we're one of them.

16. When you just think, "praise."

Recently "praise" has become a common slang term for when something could have gone wrong but it didn't. This occurs often during college so whether you proclaim it out loud or just send a quick text "🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 ." This happens at least once a day.

17. When you are sulking about the past:

Once in a while, you'll have a conversation with friends where everyone will try to one-up each other on how sad their life is. Who had the worst injury? Who had the worst technology growing up? Who had the worst relationship? I think Sokka wins.

18. When everything is in shambles:

Everyone has their bad days and it is on those days that you just send out a cry and wonder why the universe chose you. Your friends being the caring ones that they are, will remind you that you are an easy target. Just remember that life goes on, maybe the universe will give up one day.

19. When you and your friend get into trouble:

At one point or another, you and a friend will get stuck and won't be able to get each other out. Whether it's an awkward situation or a villain pins you to a tree, paralyzing certain pressure points, it's a good a idea to make sure the other is OK.

20. When you have to explain your obsessive picture-taking:

You've got selfies galore, you're Instagram feed is on fleek and you've got the maximum amount of storage so you can take as many pictures as you like. People ask you, "Why don't you just enjoy the moment?," to which you reply, "I'm trying to capture the moment!" Don't worry, they'll appreciate you bringing your selfie stick one of these days.

21. When you prank a friend:

C'mon it's college, live a little. Packing sand on top of your friend while they're asleep is harmless. If we haven't done it to someone else, it has probably happened to us at one point or another. Pranks are fun, but remember, they will probably want their revenge.

22. When you're confused about your surroundings:

We all reach that point in the semester where we just "can't" anymore. Not only are we confused during our classes, but we don't know what's going on in our life.

23. When you begin questioning everything:

After confusion, I think we all reach a breaking point where we begin to question everything in our life. Our mind goes off to far-off places where we get our crazy explanations, but usually we can sleep it off.

24. When you become a profound thinker:

But once you leave your time of confusion, a bright light shines through and you are able to look at the world differently. You usually shock your friends with your thought-provoking monologues, and you may want to write down these thoughts before they become a vague memory.

25. When face palming becomes routine:

But the majority of life I believe is used to face palm. Whether it was something you, a friend, or a complete stranger did, face palming is just an instinct we college students have for the unfortunate events that happen to us.

Hopefully, if you didn't know of this series beforehand, you are able to have an appreciation for how relatable Sokka is. What Sokka GIF do you relate to the most?

There are many characters in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" that are relatable, so take a study break and find a way to watch some scenes from the show. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Happy studying and keep being your original self!

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