25 Signs You Are Becoming a Hipster

25 Signs You Are Becoming a Hipster

If you can identify with a majority of these traits, you can claim the title your friends constantly refer to you as -- hipster.


1. You own a pair of joggers.

2. Your haircut resembles Macklemore.

3. You have started parting your hair down the middle, chopped it to have straight across bangs or you rock a pixie cut.

4. Most of your closet comes from thrift stores.

5. You wear glasses without a prescription.

6. You cannot decide whether you want to have a gluten-free or vegan diet.

7. You despise expensive name brands.

8. You only listen to music that no one else has ever heard of.

9. Your facial hair is longer than the hair on your head.

10. You have no hesitation getting a tattoo sleeve.

11. You don't brush your hair every day.

12. Buttoning every button on your shirt is okay.

13. You stray away from anything with over a thousand views on social media and only share obscure posts.

14. You're a liberal arts major.

15. The pictures you Instagram are all of random objects -- never yourself -- and if you even put a filter on them, you only use Crema, Mayfair or Inkwell.

16. You own a record player.

17. You have a rare, crazy sock collection.

18. You talk in your own lingo -- similar to Jack Sparrow -- that people tend to not understand.

19. You ride your bike or Vespa everywhere.

20. You can rock a scarf no matter what gender you are.

21. You started re-wearing the clothes your mom saved in the attic from your childhood.

22. You can pull of copious amounts of jewelry without feeling gaudy.

23. You put a cardigan with everything.

24. Your jeans are homemade.

25. You don't leave the house without a beanie.

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