25 Random Thoughts During Your First Week Back At School
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Student Life

25 Random Thoughts During Your First Week Back At School

You mean I DON'T get home cooked meals every day anymore?!!

25 Random Thoughts During Your First Week Back At School

As we return for the spring semester, everyone has to adjust once again to life on campus. As I settle back into my school routine, countless thoughts fill my head. While the entire list is far too long to compile into one article, here is a list of 25 thoughts that have crossed all of our minds as we kick off the new semester.

I Don't Want To Go Back Into My Dorm...

Piles of dust and the faulty lighting remind you why you were so eager to leave in the first place.

At Least My Parents Will Be Out Of My Hair

You love your parents and all your family members, but it's nice to have your own space again.

Best Friends, Where You At??

Michael, Marissa, and Ruby, get over here NOW.

I Hate Dorm Food

One of the best things about going home is having your parents cooking for you again. After weeks of your favorite home cooked meals, the cafeteria food just isn't the same.

Is It Possible That I Came Back With More Stuff Than What I Left With?

Yes. Yes it is. And you never see it coming.

Wait, Books Are How Much?

Please let there be used copies. Used copies PLEASE.

Where Do We Pick Up Books Again?

And why is the line so long?

And I've Forgotten My Umbrella

I just hope it doesn't rain. It's wishful thinking in New England, but still.... FINGERS CROSSED!

I Need To Change My Alarm Tone

After going the whole break not hearing your alarm every day, you always think it won't be as irritating as you remember. And you're always wrong.

I Wonder Who'll Be In My Classes

You're bound to have at least one friend or former classmate in your new classes. Just pray that it's someone that you get along with.

Why Is This Lecture Hall So Packed?

*takes a deep breath* Just suffer through this week. Half these people will be gone by Monday.

Oh, Yay, I Have Friends In This Class

A fair amount of the Chinese majors at my school are signed up for the same section of Intro to International Politics, so that's a refreshing fact.

I Hope *Person You Dislike* Isn't In Any Classes With Me

There's bound to be at least one former classmate that you're not particularly fond of, and that's perfectly fine. Even if they are in your class, just do your best to stay in your own space, and they'll do the same.

I Hope I Can Meet New People

Whether it's a new friend, study buddy, or influential professor, each new class brings a wave of new people into your life. Make the most of this fact.

Oh, Right, I Can Stay Out Late Again

OK, yes, you can usually do this at home, but at college, you don't need to ask for permission.

I'm Not Ready For The Stress Again

It's coming, though, so brace yourself. It will be worth it in the long run.

How Many Weeks Until Spring Break?

We better start counting down.

Alright, THIS Is The Semester I Develop A Gym Routine

....and save money, and everything else that we try to do and change every semester.

Why Is It So Cold??

If you don't go to school in a particularly chilly climate, just replace "cold" with whatever best describes your campus. I'm sure you get the picture.

I Miss My Bed

Something about dorm beds just aren't as comfortable as the one back home.

I Need Coffee

This room isn't gonna get set back up if I don't have the energy for it.

And We Already Have Homework

Really? Alright, I'll just get this over with.

Time To Annoy My Friends

I'm bored. HELP ME!!

It's Good To Be Back

College is fun the majority of the time.

I Never Want To Leave

This is the time of my life.

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