25 Questions I Have For HSU & Arcata
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Student Life

25 Questions I Have For HSU & Arcata

We still love you, but some things are head scratchers.

25 Questions I Have For HSU & Arcata
Kristina Wren

This week, I have decided to take on the popular trend of asking questions we all have for our universities or college towns. I will be asking twenty-five questions anyone who has attended Humboldt State University or lived in Arcata has probably thought. Here we go!

1. Why is the speed limit on the 101 only 50mph?

2. Why does the cheese on campus resemble plastic?

3. Why does The Depot orange chicken taste so good?

4. Follow-up question: Why does The Depot orange chicken also make you feel terrible?

5. Why does Moodle suck?

6. Why am I constantly logged out of myhumboldt portal?

7. Why do my professors STILL use Internet Explorer?

8. Will I ever not have problems with the Financial Aid office?

9. Can J-Points be of equal value at all campus food locations?

10. I understand the push for alternative modes of transportation, but can I not spend hours trying to find a parking space?

11. Will Campus Apartments ever be actually decent enough to live in?

12. Are the Giant's Cupboard employees paid enough for dealing with drunk and high freshmen every weekend?

13. Can Don's Donuts deliver?

14. If you didn't take Dan Faulks PoliSci 110 class, did you really attend HSU?

15. What time does The Depot really close?

16. Do students ever eat at the Windows Cafe?

17. Why are the roads to Mad River Beach so narrow and unsuitable for driving?

16. Why is everyone so hyped up about Stars?

18. Can HSU Wireless and ResNet actually stay connected to my devices?

19. Can we have a little bit more school spirit at football games?

20. Can we have a shuttle to get to the BSS?

21. How many people know there are cadavers in the bottom of Science A?

22. Who came up with the genius idea to have Safeway open 24 hours? Props to them.

23. Why does the coffee in the library take 5 years to cool down?

24. Why isn't our library open 24/7?

25. Can you graduate without taking a picture in front of the school entrance?

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