15 Things All UCSC Students Know
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15 Things All UCSC Students Know

If you haven't taken a picture on the Porter Squiggle, do you even go here?

15 Things All UCSC Students Know
UCSC Foundation

UC Santa Cruz is a place unlike any other– we have the mountains, the forest, and the sea. Known as "the original authority on questioning authority", UCSC has a legacy for empowering its students to think different. To be different. And the students today continue to embody that tradition. UCSC gives a special college experience– one unlike any other.

1. "Walking" to class means you are going on a 20-minute hike, and will arrive slightly sweaty and very out of breath.

Having headphones in during your trek is a daring move– you have to pay close attention to how loud you are breathing, to make sure you aren't huffing and puffing on your journey. Breathing normally, or pretending to breathe normally, is extremely difficult.

2. Our campus is basically a zoo

On any given day, you can expect to see deer, raccoons, and turkeys roaming around. If you're lucky (or unlucky– depending on how you see it), you may even catch a glimpse of a mountain lion

3. What are sports?

Our intramural sports are probably more popular than our actual athletic teams. Not to say they aren't great. They just aren't a big focus at our school. We don't even have a football team.

4. December and January are the months where campus turns into a tropical rainforest.

This means you get to wear rain boots and waterproof gear for two months straight. Luckily, this also means grass is actually growing, and the fields are finally green.

5. Throwing away any trash on campus is very difficult.

The library trash cans aren't even trash cans– they have four bins to sort out your waste... sometimes it's so overwhelming you just give up and throw everything away. But then you feel guilty because for some reason EVERY trash can posts "TO LANDFILL" above it.

6.Anything you say can and will be held against you, by someone.

This is guaranteed. Just know that anytime you speak, you are most likely offending someone. This article has probably already offended half the people reading it.

7. Only at UCSC would the library get a new cafe.

A cafe which has delicious food, but only one choice of caffeine: black coffee. No late night latte's, sorry.

8. Our school, known for its "420" celebration and a widely accepted stoner stereotype, is now a "Smoke-free campus."

This is basically just a big joke.

9. While we may be jealous of other schools, who have snow days and longer vacations, we get strike days!

Sometimes campus is shut down, and you get to relax in your room if you choose to not participate in the protest. Positives: people get to stand up for what they believe in, and classes are cancelled. Negatives: being stuck on campus can be a bit scary and apocalyptic– especially if the dining halls are not able to be open.

10. Bussing around campus can be very stressful.

People just never seem to know their manners. And others choose to be extremely angry about this. Neither make for a fun bus ride to class. During rush hour, if you don't live off campus, just don't get on a metro. You will get screamed at. Or glared at. Or punched.

11. Whenever we get a little wind and rain, campus loses power.

How this happens, we don't know. But if it means getting out of class early, we don't mind.

12. "What college are you from?!"

..is a question that once answered has great bearing on people's opinions of you. It just explains so much about who you are. Unless it doesn't. But in that case, you're just the exception!

13. UCSC arguably has the most beautiful campus in the world.

And, Santa Cruz has great weather for most of the year. Whether you like hiking in the woods in upper campus, playing sports at OPERS fields, surfing, or walking along Westcliff, there are always plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. Unfortunately, this also means that finding motivation to do homework is extremely hard– especially when it's 75 degrees outside and the sun is shining through your window onto your desk, calling your name.

14. Attending a school known for it's open-minded attitudes is great.

Unless you disagree with these open-minded individuals. Because then you will be attacked. By many. How ironic.

15. We have the best mascot in the world.

No one can argue against this. But everyone will be sure to bring it up to you. You will be known as a Banana Slug for the rest of your life.

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