Everyone, at one time or another, has wanted to, tried, and succeeding in getting out of something, whether it be work, school, a social event, or even an awkward conversation. I happen to do this frequently, because I realize that I could just save myself some social anxiety and just stay at home with my dogs, in my pajamas, with a good ass book. I'm not anti-social, I just happen to be lazy on occasion. Either way, we all know the feeling I'm talking about. Throughout my life, I have accumulated a lot of good excuses to get out of various things. However, I know that a lot of you have also come up with some very good, very creative excuses. While we have our own unique sayings, listed below are some common ones that I think we all keep in our back pocket just when something comes up on the fly. Can you relate to any of these?

Getting out of work/covering someone's shift:

1. I'm sick

2. My car broke down

3. Sorry, I have a doctor's appointment

4. I have family in town

5. I have to watch my siblings

6. Sorry, I already have other plans

7. I have a school thing

Getting out of a social event/occasion:

8. I'm not feeling well

9. I forgot I have to do ______

10. My mom said no

11. I have no money

12. I already made other plans, sorry! (No you didn't lol)

13. Something came up last minute

14. I have to be up early in the morning, maybe next time! (Ha, SIKE)

School/class excuses:

15. I overslept (AKA hungover AF)

16. Doctor's appointment (again)

17. My pet died (you better hope they didn't actually die!)

18. The weather was too harsh, I had to take my safety into consideration

19. Another teacher wanted to talk to me

20. Another student told me class was cancelled.

21. Didn't you get my email? (You never sent one to begin with)

When you're caught in the act:

22. Sorry, my phone died.

23. Is that what I said? Hmm, you must have heard me wrong.

24. (Pretending to be shocked at something you know is true)

25. Prove it