25 Inexpensive Summer Activities For Everyone
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25 Inexpensive Summer Activities For Everyone

Here are some ideas that won't break the bank and will save you from total boredom.

25 Inexpensive Summer Activities For Everyone

Summer vacation can be hard because you want to do lots of things with friends and family, but you also don't want to spend all your money. Here are some ideas that won't break the bank and will save you from total boredom:

1. Host a movie night

Whether you just watch something on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, or rent something from Amazon, this is a really fun thing to do for a low cost. Providing your own snacks instead of having to purchase overpriced options at the movie theater also makes this low cost!

2. Go hiking

Most state and local parks do not require an access fee. This gives you endless options for hikes and walks. Sites like https://www.alltrails.com have full databases of trails, which also give difficulty ratings and reviews.

3. Go to the pool

Even if you or your friends don't have a pool, many towns or counties have pools which you can access for a small fee.

4. Have a baking day

Other than a few ingredients (which most people already have), baking is a really low-cost activity. Eggs and milk are fairly inexpensive in most places, especially if you split the cost with friends. You can check out Pinterest for all kinds of recipes.

5. Go kayaking, canoeing or sailing on a local lake

Many lakes, especially those in public parks, have rentals available by the hour or day. These rentals are usually reasonable and can include vessels for one to six people depending on what you want.

6. Go berry or peach picking

The only costs for this activity are the fruit/berries and gas. Not to mention, it makes a great photo and day out with friends. You just have to make sure you don't pick more than you want to pay for.

7. Go stargazing

Many major league teams offer massively discounted tickets to college students (some of which include food). Also, minor league feeder teams usually have inexpensive tickets!

10. Have a potluck or BBQ with friends

Having an outdoor dinner where friends each bring an item makes for an inexpensive get-together. These are great because you can hang out, listen to music, talk and play yard games.

11. Play mini-golf

Mini-golf is surprisingly cheap to do (and you can even find plenty of coupons). It's a great thing to do with friends or a significant other in order to have a silly night out. If you are little more experienced, a chip and putt or driving range could also be fun.

12. Visit a museum

Many museums are free every day (like some historical sites) or have certain days during the month when they are free or extremely discounted (such as pay as you wish days). These are great opportunities to experience history or art.

13. Go camping

Even if you do not have a tent, campsites or cabins can be inexpensively rented. Some of these campsites also have pools or lakes and you and your friends can have a bonfire at your camp site.

14. Have a bonfire

This can go along with the last point, but if you have a fire pit at home, you can host a bonfire. Making s'mores, cooking hot dogs and hanging out with friends are three of the many things you can do at a bonfire.

15. Make some DIYs

There are plenty of DIY projects to be found in magazines, books and on Pinterest. From making tie dye t-shirts to painting flower pots to making outdoor games, there is a DIY for everyone.

16. Tour a brewery or vineyard

Some breweries or vineyards offer free tours, but alcohol usually isn't included.

17. Go beach combing

If you live near a beach, this is an interesting activity to do at any time of day. Sea glass, shells, driftwood and buoys are possible items to find on the beach. The best time to go is as the tide is lowering and into low tide.

18. Make your own popsicles

There are plenty of recipes which are really easy and fun. You can make them, pop them in the freezer and enjoy later.

19. Watch fireworks

Firework shows don't always just happen on the Fourth of July. Check out festivals and community events online for free or low admission fee fireworks shows. Some of these events also include music.

20. Go to a farmer's market

Farmer's markets can be a place to discover new products or find inexpensive fruit and veggies. Some of these markets also have things like music and cooking demonstrations, which are also free.

21. Have a water fight

Water balloons, water guns or even sponges can all be used on a hot day to have a refreshing and fun water fight. Make sure to wear clothes that you can get wet!

22. Have a smoothie party

There are all kinds of smoothie recipes to try, and it's a fun activity to mix and match fruit and ingredients. To save money, try using frozen fruit and berries instead of fresh, and then you also won't need as much ice.

23. Organize an ultimate frisbee or capture the flag game

Many parks have fields you can use for free with or without a reservation. Facebook is a great tool for organizing a small league if you wish.

24. Refurbish something old

Instead of paying lots of money for a new piece of furniture for your bedroom, you can redo something old. Check yard sale Facebook groups and thrift stores for interesting pieces. Old knobs, paint samples and decoupage are some of the many ways to revamp old items.

25. Go for a bike ride

If you own a bike, this is an easy trip, as long as your tires are full of air. If you live in the city, many places have bike share programs which allow you to rent a bike at a low cost per hour or for a whole day.

So there you have it, 25 things to do during the summer that are both fun and inexpensive. Which ones are you going to try?

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