24 Pinterest-Perfect Dorm Decors To Grab On Your Next Target Trip

24 Pinterest-Perfect Dorm Decors To Grab On Your Next Target Trip

Pinterest-esque items at an affordable price? Sign me up!

If you're a girl, you probably have a Pinterest account and have come across decor items that look so perfect, that you have to have them. The problem with most of these room decor pictures is that they either don't have the "Buy Items From This" button or, if they do, the items are not in your price range.

Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration for anything in this world, but you can easily go out to a store and find what you think is "Pinteresty" enough. The whole world, especially college students, are obsessed with Target. We all know Target has some of the cutest decors, and most of them could be in the "Pinteresty" category.

Keep reading to find out what 24 decor items from Target that can turn any room into a Pinterest dream room.

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1. 10" Wall Clock, Marble with Brass 10.

2. 24" Wall Clock White Washed Wood Finish.

3. Round Wire Basket Medium Gold.

4. Glass and Gold Display Box.

5. Wood Large Milk Crate.

6. Wall Grid, Gold.

7. Ivory Marble with Wood 4"x 6" Frame.

8. Geometric Gold Single Image Frame 4 x 6.

9. Artificial Plant in Stand Large.

10. Artificial Plant in White Pot Medium.

11. Hand Made Modern Ceramic Planter - Large.

12. Succulent Wall Geometric Hanging White/Gold.

13. Enamel Tray Large - White/Copper.

14. Star Figurine Metal Tabletop Decor in Steel Finish - Gold.

15. MDF Chalkboard with Wood Holder.

16. Cantilever LED Task Lamp with Marble Base.

17. Clip Lamp.

18. DIY Light Box LED.

19. Comfort Natural Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer.

20. Hexagon Wall Cubbie with Hooks.

21. Gold Tassel Garland.

22. Wood Flag Banner.

23. Deer Head Wood Flushmount Gold/Black.

24. Surf and Turf Wall Decal - Black.

Cover Image Credit: pennstatelive / Flickr

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25 Basic Things College Girls Go To Target For Before Every Semester

25. Snacks!

You either just went back to school or you're heading back very soon.

Either way, I know that you stopped at Target for a minute, which undoubtedly turned into two plus hours.

Here are things you loaded up on at Target before loading up your car and going back to school for the second semester.

1. Sweatpants

regina george these sweatpants are all that fits me right now GIF

2. Makeup

3. Candy

4. Cute pajamas

5. Signs to decorate your room with

6. Fuzzy blankets

7. Books

8. Face masks

9. Work out clothes

10. Razors

11. Shoes

12. Lotion

13. Dresses

14. Lights

15. Storage bins

16. Games

17. Purse

18. Fun socks

19. School supplies

Sharpie summer school teacher student GIF

20. Pillows

21. Nail polish

22. Chapstick

23. DVDS

24. Soap

25. Snacks!

Happy second semester!

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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Your Train Of Thought While Shopping At Target

*Says Target Like It's A French Word*

Target is the holiest of holy grails. It is happiness wrapped up in a store and it will drain your bank account dry. All the time you will hear someone say “I’m going to make a Target run, wanna come with?” and your answer should be yes. Whether you are just going for toilet paper or you are about to wipe the store clean of their candles. Target is one of the happiest places on earth (sorry Disney). The thought process can be one of complex details, from when you are on your way there to checking out with about 10 other things than you needed.

1. I am here for one thing only.

YEAH RIGHT. But you tell yourself that anyway. They carry the brand of creamer that you like so you have to go there, because no one else carries it. That’s all you need.

2. Oh! Look at this cute mug!

Because you have to walk all the way to the back of the store to get what you need. You pass the cute coffee mug wall. With mugs that say “Mama needs some coffee”, well you may not be a mom in a literal sense but I need coffee. You also refer to yourself as mama in a sassy way, so you need this cup.

3. Back to coffee creamer (or whatever you actually went there for).

Okay, that is it. Back to looking for your Butter Toffee limit edition creamer! You hope it’s there.


OH MY GOSH! You forgot (how could you) that the Gaines now have a line at Target. But you totally need the Artificial Lamb Ear and White Berry Wreath!! You can put it next to your wall hanging.

5. I wonder what else is over here… Candles!

You were out of Christmas candles anyway and you need more. Because “pumpkin sandalwood” is now out of season. You now need a “sparkling cinnamon” or “balsam word”.

6. I should probably leave…

You start to note that you need to leave or you will end up buying a new bed spread and the matching pillows.

7. Yeah… I shouldn’t have bought the extra stuff.

I didn’t even get the creamer I wanted because they were all sold out. I had to get the Cinnabon one and now I have spent $37, when my creamer is like $4.

7. I just love Target.

They are just the classiest of the grocery stores. But next time I am just buying what I need.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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