23 Thoughts You Have When You Start College On A Knee Scooter
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23 Thoughts You Have When You Start College On A Knee Scooter

An honest reflection about starting freshman year with a broken foot.

23 Thoughts You Have When You Start College On A Knee Scooter
Karen Strop

I was lucky enough to break my foot the summer before I started my freshman year of college. One week after having surgery I packed up my bags and drove across the state with my parents to start the next, supposedly one of the most exciting, chapters of my life. The only thing holding me back was the fact that I couldn't walk and had to instead rely on a knee scooter or crutches, whichever I was feeling, to get around. These are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head during the first two and a half months of my college experience.

1. There's a good chance that I'm going to starve.

How the heck am I going to carry my plate of food in the cafeteria? Obviously there won't be a single person who will notice that my arms are occupied with steering my scooter and will offer to help.

2. Goodbye daily showers.

Because balancing on one foot in a community shower while trying not to touch any of the surrounding, germ infected walls, is definitely not worth having clean hair on the daily.

3. Maybe my professors will be extra nice to me because they feel bad.

4. Or, maybe not.

Yes, professor, I can 100% most definitely participate in a scavenger hunt all over campus for your class.

5. I totally understand why you marked me down on my speech for putting more weight on one foot than the other.

It's not like one of them is broken or anything.

6. My right calf is literally on fire right now.

Why does this campus have to have so many hills?

7. It's only a matter of time before both of the elevators in my dorm building are going to break down at the same time.

...and I will have to hop up and down 7 flights of stairs on one foot.

8. Thank goodness it's my left foot and I can still drive.

Because not being able to drive home for long weekends would have killed me.

9. I wonder if the people below me can hear me as I hop across my room on one foot.

10. Nevermind, I guess I don't want to watch TV anymore.

11. My roommate literally hates me.

*As I rip my bulky boot's extremely loud velcro straps off at 6am every morning.

12. No, attractive boy, you cannot have my scooter when I am able to walk again.

It's a rental, sorry dude.

13. And no, you can't take it for just a "quick" spin.

I learned my lesson with that one. More than once.

14. But yes, thank you for asking. I most definitely broke my foot doing something crazy and adventurous.

It certainly wasn't because of a bone cyst the size of a golfball in my heel.

15. I love how this boot looks with all of my outfits.

The Sorority Squat has never looked better.

16. Oh hey, there's my scooter.

In the background of every single bid day picture ever taken. Can you find it?

17. Of course I'd love to sit on the float and look pretty during the Homecoming Parade.

And I promise that I really did feel bad that the rest of you had to walk most of the way.

18. I'll just vacuum my room when I can walk again, no worries.

Three months later and still counting...

19. I cannot wait until it's winter so that I can wear pants and people will stop asking if I know one of my calves is significantly smaller than the other.

It's called atrophy, people.

20. How late can I be to class without it looking too suspicious?

Oh wait, I'm an honors student and couldn't make myself late to class even if it tried.

21. There has got to be a closer parking spot than this.

University maintenance vehicles should not be allowed to park in the very last handicap spot on campus!

22. Man, I'm really going to miss this handicap pass next semester...

I mean, it was great when it did work and I didn't have to walk a mile to get to class.

23. How is there not a single other person on this whole campus with a broken leg?

Starting freshman year of college on a knee scooter was, in short, not so glamorous. However, I did it! It's something I can look back on and know that I really did make the best out of the situation. Although it wasn't ideal, I sure made great memories and provided numerous opportunities for my friends to get their daily dose of laughter in.

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