23 Things to Do in Ithaca Over the Summer

Ithaca is truly an amazing place, especially during the summer. While it may snow 9 months out of the year there, Ithaca’s summers are warm, sunny, and give many opportunities for adventures. Whether you’re looking to get outside and explore the natural world or wander around in the plethora of shops in the commons, Ithaca has it all.

1. Go swimming at Treman State Park.

2. Get ice cream at the Dairy Bar and then at Purity to see which is best.

3. Explore Buttermilk Falls.

4. Go stargazing at midnight in the Cornell Plantations.

5. Rent kayaks and go kayaking on Cayuga Lake.

6. Visit every waterfall in Ithaca.

7. Eat crepes at the Ithaca Farmers Market.

8. Take a tour at the Lab of Ornithology.

9. Go on a wine tour.

10. Spend an entire day in the Commons.

11. Watch a movie at the Cinemapolis Movie Theater.

12. Trek out to Taughannock Falls State Park and hike all day.

13. Experience fishbowls during the summer.

14. Take an Instagram picture with the “Ithaca is Gorges” sign at Ezra’s Tunnel.

15. Have a sunset picnic on the Slope.

16. Drink Kava at Sacred Root Kava Bar.

17. Watch a movie on a big screen in a lecture hall.

18. Go gorge jumping at Second Dam and then hike upstream to Potter’s Falls.

19. Get a tattoo or piercing at Stiehl’s Body Modification Station.

20. Learn how to cook without dining halls or cafes.

21. Navigate Collegetown’s construction zones successfully.

22. Go Sake bombing with your friends.

23. Get dessert for breakfast at Waffle Frolic.

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