Some people are put into your life at the right place and the right time. They are irreplaceable and can never compare to anyone else. People are constantly coming in and out of your life, but you know that this person is here for good. Here are 23 signs that the person you're thinking about right now is your best friend.

Your thoughts are always synchronized.

Nobody would ever understand the nicknames you've given each other.

Everyone knows you're a package deal.

You really can't remember what life was like before meeting her.

She knows it's okay to call you at any hour of the night.

She makes you laugh the hardest.

She's always honest.

You have your own language of signs and noises.

You trust her with your life.

You have the same interests.

She would drop anything to be there for you.

You get jealous when she makes new friends.

You eat with her at her favorite restaurant even though you hate it.

You help each other analyze cryptic text messages from weird boys.

You have the same taste in music.

You let her be a brat when she's in her sassy moods.

You can travel together without wanting to kill each other.

You support her even when you don't agree.

You let her kick you in the middle of the night.

You've already started preparing your Maid of Honor speeches.

You know the money you owe each other will eventually balance out.

There's no dress code between the two of you.

You know that no matter what, she'll always be your #1.

Mau loa.