22 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Broke Our Hearts
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22 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Broke Our Hearts

No matter how upset we get, we keep watching.

22 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Broke Our Hearts

" Grey's Anatomy" has been on the air for almost 11 years. There are those that have been fans since the very beginning, and there are those who recently found this hospital show on Netflix and thought it'd be a good idea to binge watch it. No matter how long you've been a fan, we all have a running list of grievances addressed to Shonda Rhimes. Homegirl knows how to make our emotions run wild.

1. This woman showed up and introduced herself as Addison Shepherd.

Derek and Meredith were doing just fine. They were finally going to be together. I guess it was good while it lasted... for nine episodes!

2. Derek picked Addison over Meredith.

Really, Derek? Meredith just poured her heart out to you in a scrub room and you have the nerve to tell her you can't pick her? Really, Derek?!

3. A bomb almost blew Meredith up.

First, that bomb was inside a man's body. Then, Meredith sticks her hand inside that man's body. Then, the bomb squad comes in and saves the day. Or so we thought.

4. Denny died.

Izzie couldn't get off the floor and we just wanted to get on the floor next to her and sulk with her.

5. Meredith nearly drowned.

You could have saved yourself, Meredith! There was so much worth living for!

6. Burke left Cristina at the altar.

She said she felt free, but seconds later, she just wanted to be free of the wedding dress she squeezed into only to be left by the heartless heart doctor and we just wanted to squeeze her into a hug.

7. We all thought Izzie died.

But you just survived a brain surgery against all odds!

8. George was there to escort Izzie to her death.

Oh, look, there's George. How sweet. Oh, wait... Wait... What?! GEORGE IS DEAD?! HE CAN'T BE DEAD!

9. Gary Clark went on a shooting rampage.

He had the nerve to shoot McDreamy, then Meredith decided to sacrifice herself, and we all couldn't let go of the pillow wet with tears we were clutching against our chests.

10. Arizona broke up with Callie.

So giving up was the best option you could think of, Arizona?!

11. Callie was thrown through a windshield.

We were so upset. Then, all of the doctors decided to sing songs about it. And we became even more upset.

12. Zola was taken away from Derek and Meredith.

They were just going through a little spat. They would be great parents! C'mon, give them a chance.

13. Henry died.

Hunt decided it would be a good idea to wait HOURS until he told Teddy and we all hated him as much as she did.

14. Hunt cheated on Cristina.

We all wondered how we could hate Hunt so much, but applauded Cristina when she threw that bowl of cereal right in his dumb face.

15. Their plane crashed.

At this point, we just feel bad for everything that happens to these people.

16. And Lexie died.

You and Meredith were finally starting to love each other! And you and Mark were supposed to finally be together forever!

17. Then Mark died.

Too much. Too much is happening at once.

18. Cristina left forever.

How are we supposed to carry on without the Twisted Sisters?!

19. April and Jackson's baby died hours after he was born.

But April is a good person! And Jackson was being a jerk-face to her! She deserved to have a baby!

20. Jackson told April he wants a divorce.

How can someone so beautiful be so cruel?


And we all questioned how we could go on in a world without Derek Shepherd. How could you do it, Shonda? HOW COULD YOU KILL MCDREAMY?!

22. Meredith supposedly gets brutally attacked.

The midseason premiere for season 12 hasn't even aired yet and we're already anxious to see Meredith put through yet another scarring experience.

Let's be honest, though. No matter how often Shonda Rhimes puts us through plot lines that make us feel fear, depression, or anxiety, no matter how many beloved characters are killed off or forced to leave, we still tune in to each episode every week. With the drama coming back to Thursday nights this week, let's grab a brand new tissue box and our most huggable pillow and hope for the best. Good luck!

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