22 Times Ashley S. Made Us Feel Uncomfortable on the Bachelor

22 Times Ashley S. Made Us Feel Uncomfortable on the Bachelor

Prince Farming has an interesting batch of girls to choose from on this season of the Bachelor, but these gifs show that Ashley S. tops them all.


Everyone knows that there is at least one crazy girl on the first night of the Bachelor. That girl brings a weird gift for her new love, gets sloppy drunk, and makes a fool of herself. 

This season's bachelor, Chris Soules (A.K.A. Prince Farming), had to deal with a whole new level of crazy. Ashley S. had her moments, but the weirdest part is that she lasted 4 episodes. #PublicityStunt?

1. When she tried to bribe a competitor with a "rose." 


2. Then was genuinely surprised to get turned down. 

3. When she shared her deepest aspirations.

4. And she confused the night sky for a football stadium. 

5. When she took the paint ball date a little too seriously...

6. And everyone was concerned, including Chris.

7. When she read Chris like an open book.

8. And expressed her feelings to the other girls.

"What's boom...?"

9. When she said what we were all thinking...

10. Then discovered the meaning of life.

11. When she put her date on hold to say "hi" to some old friends.

12. Wtf are you talking about, Ashley S.?

13. When she *maybe* admitted to cutting people.

14. Then she addressed some important questions.

15. When Chris was worried, but she reassured him.

Why would I be worried? I'm not worried...

16. When she was convinced an onion was growing on that tree.

17. And she threw around the idea that it might be a pomegranate.

18. Then she realized that it was, in fact, a pomegranate.


19. When she tried to flirt with Prince Farming.

20. And then professed her love to him during conversation #3.

21. Then she was devastated by the break up.

22. Like...literally lost for words.

You do you, Ashley S. Take care of yourself. 

Now, read this again and watch Prince Farming's face.

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