Well, guys, I'm sure we are all in the same boat of being stuck in classrooms and drowning in papers, homework, and tests (oh my!) as Spring Break comes to an end and the final stretch of the semester draws near. Motivation is at an all time low and procrastination and stress at an all time high. Spring break brought us a well deserved "time-off" from class (and many headaches and regrets) but of course, after the small taste of freedom, we have no motivation left in us to finish out the semester. Here are 22 thoughts we all have after returning from Spring Break.

1. Looks like I’ll be eating ramen for the next two weeks….

Because of course you already blew your paycheck.

2. Thinking of all the assignments you should have worked on over break.

Procrastination at its finest.

3. Then questioning why you were even assigned anything over break to begin with.

Like really?

4. What… did I... do?

Nobody even wants to know.

5. Omg….I forgot to set my alarm for the first day back.

…and of course I missed my first class.

6. I hope nobody saw that….

Oh… they most likely did.

7. Ugh, I will never forget those girls in the bathroom.

Like seriously… they were SO nice.

8. I’m just moving to Florida.

Or maybe Mexico.

9. Hey, we all made it back without going to jail!

Not sure how…

10. *asks friend* He was cute, right?

Of course, they always agree.

11. How many days has my laptop been dead?

I really don’t even remember where I put my charger.

12. I can’t believe that happened….

Who am I kidding, yes I can.

13. Is it really that bad to drop out of college?

My bank account says no.

14. I cannot wait until summer break.

And it’s only the first day back.

15. Ugh, that’s still 8 weeks away.

It’ll go fast…. I hope.

16. We have a test this Thursday?!

*doesn’t study and lives in denial* They should know better than give a test after Spring Break.

17. The semester is almost over and I’m still out of breath from taking the stairs.

Maybe I should go to the gym.

18. Nah, it’s after Spring break… I don’t need a “beach bod.”

*eats endless supply of Girl Scout cookies*

19. I really just want to be back on the beach.

And definitely not in class.

20. I am never drinking again.

*goes to bars first day back*

21. I am so blessed.

I mean really, I have the greatest friends.

22. So…. Where we going next year?

And is it too early to start planning?