22 Things To Do When You Turn 22

The birthday that follows being "legal"

1. Thank God you've been alive for 22 great years. You have seen some amazing things.

2. Dance to "22" by Taylor Swift-no judgement

3. Put on your favorite outfit, look great feel great

4. Open any gifts someone gives you

5. Take lots of mental pictures for the day- it will go fast

6. Go out to any restaurant that will sing and give you free dessert for your birthday

7. Have a party

8. Embrace your inner child-it's ok to deny your impending adulthood

9. Take the day off from homework (if possible)

10. Do not call yourself old

11. Learn to love yourself

12. Don't count the calories today-eat as much cake as you want

13. Go treat yourself-give yourself a gift for making it this far

14. Play more Taylor Swift

15. Dance to every song in your car radio

16. Make your favorite foods

17. Eat all the desserts

18.Buy a new dress

19. Laugh lots

20. Cuddle a puppy/kitten

21. Take a shameless selfie

22. Celebrate you!

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