22 Thoughts You Can't Escape On The Eve Of Move-In Day

22 Thoughts You Can't Escape On The Eve Of Move-In Day

I'm only kind of freaking out about moving into college.

Heidi Grae

Moving to college for the first time can be very daunting and terrifying, especially if you're going to college somewhere that is completely new to you.

Although, based on conversations that I've had with friends, I think it's just as intimidating; whether you're going to a college that is tens, hundreds, or thousands of miles from home. We all have those freak out moments. Those moments of, “Am I actually ready for this?”

For a lot of us, freshman move in day is just around the corner. And some people have just finished moving in and are now getting settled into their new dorm.

Either way, if you are about to move in or have already moved in, I’m sure you have experienced at least a few of the same fears, hopes, and worries as I have. If you're going to an out of state college, like me, you might even be feeling these things more intensely than your friends that are going to college in your state. Out of state or in state, we all have the same general concerns.

So, below I have compiled a list of several of the thoughts that have been rushing through my head as I've been preparing to move into my dorm and begin my first year of college. I’m sure that you have, at some point, worried about even just one of these things as well. At least, I hope I’m not the only one experiencing these thoughts.

1. Should I bring that sweater that I haven’t worn in three years?

2. What if my car breaks down just before I get to campus?

3. I should probably start packing.

4. What am I going to wear?

5. I hope nothing breaks on the way.

6. I should look at dorm decor ideas on Pinterest again.

7. Where did I put my move in packet?

8. How many new outfits for welcome week would be too many?

9. How many pictures of my dog would be too many?

10. I REALLY should start packing now.

11. I wonder if my younger siblings will miss me.

12. I really need to go to Target.

13. I will totally need my entire mug collection.

14. It’s all going to be okay. I’m fine. This is fine.

15. Maybe I should read one more move in day article. Just to be safe.

16. How weird is it that I’m going to be living in a tiny room with a girl I met just a few months ago…

17. Okay. No more procrastinating. I’m going to start packing now.

18. I hope it doesn’t rain while I’m trying to move into my dorm.

19. I hope I’m not forgetting anything.

20. I wonder if my dog will miss me as much as I already miss him.

21. Will all of this fit in my car?

22. I am SO EXCITED!

Those are some of the general thoughts, hopes, and concerns about moving into college for the first time that have been racing through my mind. Although, the perfectionist in me is totally freaking out, I’m honestly far more excited than I am nervous, even if this list might not reflect that. Please tell me that at least a few of you have been feeling the same things and that I’m not the only one who's kind of freaking out.

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