21 Lessons COVID Taught Me Before I Turned 22
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21 Lessons COVID Taught Me Before I Turned 22

Yep, my birthday is the one year anniversary of COVID being declared a global pandemic.

21 Lessons COVID Taught Me Before I Turned 22
Jackie White

There is light in the darkness.

1. To hell with the hustle

Slowing down was forced on all of us…but it has taught me to appreciate a rush-free lifestyle.

2. Life is unpredictable 

It always was, but COVID further solidified my trust in an unchanging God.

3. My roommates are the best

Nothing like increased roomie time!!

4. Don't take family time for granted

If it weren't for quarantine, I would have missed the quality familial time that I needed in my last year in Texas.

5. Life changes...and that's okay. 

I have learned to embrace the mountains and valleys of my experience

6. Nothing can replace in-person socialization 

But zoom socialization allowed us to stay connected!

7. Communal effort makes the world go 'round

When COVID first began, we saw how "essential" we all are to our society. Here's to the nurses, the scientists, and even the sanitation workers!

8. A packed social schedule does not = contentment 

Sometimes all we need is those who are closest to us…literally

9. I can be alone

As an Enneagram 7, I never thought this was possible. However, I have learned to embrace the beauty of solitude — now I crave it!

10. Frugality is actually important

Turns out, we don't need much to live a fulfilled life!

11. The outdoors are essential

As our lives have moved online, we have to be even more intentional about being screen-free. It wasn't until COVID that I began to appreciate the beauty of a sunny day and a backyard!

12. Stay humble 

I don't know everything. I don't even know what tomorrow will bring. But I serve a God that does...and that is enough.

13. Humanity is fickle 

The human race has come so far — we have self-driving cars, life-saving medicine, and have even landed on the moon. However, we are not invincible. It's scary, but it allows us to appreciate the gift of life.

14. Life is but a vapor

In a similar sense, my perspective of my own life has been pruned. Life is short. How do you want to spend your days?

15. There is always light in the darkness 

Sometimes it takes a global pandemic for us to cultivate a heart of optimism.

16. Technology isn't all bad

Jackie White

I am the number one critic of the detriment of increased screen time. However, forums from zoom to TikTok have allowed us to stay plugged into the community.

17. There is hope for a cleaner Earth

Back in April, we witnessed how clear water became when humans left the earth alone. There is hope! Let's do something about it.

18. Humans are innovative

Drive through birthday party? Brilliant. Vaccine created in one year? Insane.

19. Productivity can be an idol

At least for me. However, we are under no obligation to use our increased free time to become the next NYTimes Best Selling Author. Relaxation is productive!

20. God is steadfast, the world is not

In an ever changing world, I have learned to cling even more to my unchanging God. It is well with my soul.

21. There are mountains just behind valleys

This year has been painful and it continues to be filled with heartbreak. However, this isn't the end. Not all hope is lost. Rejoice — the end of this pandemic is near!! But the lessons we learned will remain.

Every Good Friday, the pastor at my church says this: "it is Friday, but Sunday is coming." Some seasons of our life are like "Friday" -- darkness falls over the world and the end seems far. However, Sunday is always in our future! Rejoice, for the Lord makes beautiful things out of the dust.

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