22 Fun Things For Single Girls To Do On Valentine's Day
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22 Fun Things For Single Girls To Do On Valentine's Day

2. Eat an entire heart-shaped plate of Chick-n-Minis from Chick-fil-A.

22 Fun Things For Single Girls To Do On Valentine's Day

I totally get it. Even though we don't want to admit it, it's the worst holiday in the world for us because we know the entire day we'll be scrolling through Instagram seeing all of the perfect couples around us on cute dates with lots of roses and teddy bears. It doesn't have to be that way! Just as much as we single girls might want a relationship, we can use Valentine's Day to love others and treat ourselves to some stuff we love! Put your phones down, stop comparing, and here are some awesome things you can do this Valentine's Day:

1. Pet a puppy

There's absolutely no way you won't come out of a pet store without a smile. Puppies are just so stinking cute.

2. Eat an entire heart-shaped plate of Chick-n-Minis from Chick-fil-a

No one can judge you. You go for it girl.

3. Watch some Disney Channel Original Movies

Grab a hairbrush and channel your inner child as you sing along to every single Camp Rock song.

4. Dance

Play your favorite music and just dance around your room, in the car, with some friends, anywhere. I can't dance, but seriously, it gets me in a better mood.

5. Go play some laser tag with your friends

Get competitive. This is life or death.

6. Drive around town blasting your favorite songs

Windows down. Taylor Swift's "Style" at full volume. Nothing better.

7. Go hiking

Grab some friends, snacks, backpacks, and some Enos. Find a trail with a waterfall and some good trees to hang around (ha, see what I did there). You'll make so many good memories.

8. Play with a kitten

I LOVE CATS. I mean, *clears throat* kittens are kinda cool, and very cute, and much fuzzies. I love cats.

9. Listen to some new music

Ask your friends for some new music that they love and see what you think! You may find one of your new favorite songs.

10. Wear your favorite outfit

Step one to confidence is an outfit you can werk it in. No one can question you when you feel confident.

11. Write your friends encouraging notes

They'll appreciate it more than you can ever know. I definitely cherish and keep all of the notes I get! Let them know you love them!

12. Get your favorite foods from the store and eat up

Publix popcorn chicken and cookies. I'm just saying.

13. Write a poem

Sappy, silly, or deep. Poems are just a good way to get all of your feelings out if you may be feeling down!

14. Buy a pint of ice cream just for you

Make sure there's tons of chocolate or cookie dough. Or both. Or coffee. You do you.

15. Draw something pretty

Do some calligraphy. Draw some flowers. Go outside and draw what you see. Drawing can be really therapeutic sometimes.

16. Go for a walk or run

I'm all for the walking and taking in nature, but some of you people, who I will never understand, love running to so I commend you. Do whatever suits you. Good walks with some music can really clear your head.

17. Watch a musical

I mean, if we're talking Les Mis, you can get a good laugh at some of Russell Crowe's notes in "Stars" and just the fact you get to be blessed by Eddie Redmayne's face. That's all.

18. Take tons of polaroids with your friends

Put them all over your room. Someday your older self will appreciate tangible memories like these!

19. Binge watch a new show

Personally, I suggest Sherlock or Downton Abbey, but ask your friends what their favorite show is and try it out! Don't forget that ice cream you bought earlier!

20. Get dressed up and go out with your best friends

Let's go, G.N.O. *woohoo*

21. Write a letter to your future husband

Whenever I feel myself longing for a relationship or for someone to notice me, I try to write a letter to my future husband. It seriously helps. Tell him how you're feeling. Tell him how much you can't wait to meet him. Tell him what's going on in your life lately. Then, when you get married, it will be the sweetest gift you could give him. It will be so worth the wait.

22. Spend a few hours with Jesus

Set aside all of the pink and red and focus on the crimson scars of the one who is CHASING your heart. We all want someone to pursue us, well friend, Jesus has been relentlessly pursuing our hearts since day one. Before you let any guy try to come and fill that void you might be feeling, let Jesus make you whole. Everything in life will be sweeter. Spend some time with your Heavenly Father who adores you. Tell him how you're feeling. Pray for the man he will give you someday. Deepen your love for him. I promise you, you won't even notice the couples around you, only the person who holds your heart in the same hands that spun galaxies into existence.

He LOVES you, beautiful lady.

Happy Valentines Day!

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